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Hannants News: 21/09/19

due September 25th Airfix AX06021 Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2

Due week commencing 23rd September Kinetic K48083 1:48 Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

23 Xtradecals just re-printed! See them in New Arrivals!

2 new Wingnut Wings just announced! See them in Future Releases!

November new release Eduard items just announced! See them in Future Releases!

A huge deliveries of Hat Industrie and Strelets figures just delivered!

Wingnut Wings WNW32055  1:32 Sopwith Pup “Gnome" NOW IN STOCK!!!

A further 50+ Eduard sets have just been announced as finished. See them in Limited Availability. We have sold out of more than 500 discontinued Eduard items since March!  Please be quick if you want any Eduard that is in Limited Availability or Second Hand. No more when they have sold! 

We have just bought all remaining stock of the True Details ORIGINAL resin range. Items starting TD32 TD48 TD72. They are all in Limited Availability or Special Offers. get them while you still can!

Eduard October releases now in Future Releases arriving late September!

All Voyager now on clearance! Many less than half price!

Probably this years best selling 1:72nd kit now in stock! Sword SW72126 Douglas AD-4W/AEW.1 Skyraider. 

2 Wingnut Wings Fokker Dr.I Triplanes just announced!

New Wingnut Wings WNW32079 Hannover Cl.II (Early) just announced!

We have a new Department called 'Damaged. This is where we will put all the kits that arrive with dented and ripped boxes. The place to save money on new kits and accessories etc.

Eduard September releases now in stock!

The Armory 1:48 plastic kit AR48001 of the Fairey Flycatcher is expected late August. Get it on Backorder and save 10%!

The latest Hot News can now be viewed online here.... Many emailproviders cut it in hald so see  the full list here


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Top Selling New Items for Last 7 Days

  1. STRA016: Cannone da 105/28 Schneider Ansaldo with Italian Crew WWII
  2. WNW32055: Sopwith Pup “Gnome” -151 high-quality injection moulded plastic parts. -9 photo-etched metal detail parts. -2 Gnome engines, 80hp & 100hp, included. -Optional side cowls, engine cowls, propellers and Le Prieur rockets. -24 page fully illustrated instruction manual. -High-quality Cartograf decals including markings for 5 colour schemes; A - Sopwith Pup N6179 “Baby Mine”, TC Vernon (1? victory) & AW Carter (17 victories), B Flight 3(N) Sqn RNAS, March to April 1917. B - Sopwith Pup N6200 “Bobs”, AM Shook, B Flight 4(N) Sqn RNAS, April to May 1917 (12 victories). C - Sopwith Pup B2192, HH Balfour & EL Foot, School of Special Flying Gosport, August to September 1917. D - Sopwith Pup B5904 “A 1”, 61 Sqn (Home Defense) RFC, September 1917. E - Sopwith Pup B5906 “Impikoff 5, 44 Sqn (Home Defence) RFC/RAF 1918.
  3. ROD334: Convair CV-340 Markings for c/n N5506K Hawaian Airlines USA 1956.
  4. HAT8106: Re-released! Napoleonic French Baggage Wagon x 3
  5. HAT8105: Re-released! Napoleonic French 6 Horse Limber Team x 3
  6. ZVE7319: Sukhoi SU-57 Frazor (100% New Tooling)
  7. HAT8101: Re-released! French ammunition Caisson
  8. DM720010: Chengdu J-20 'Mighty Dragon' in service version. Includes etched parts. This is not the Trumpeter kit
  9. AVM72008: de Havilland DH-83 Australian Fox Moth
  10. XPS2: Re-printed! Parallel Stripes White (9 different widths)
  11. SW72126: Douglas AD-4W/AEW.1 Skyraider. New kit of AEW aircraft. 3 markings. FAA/Fleet Air Arm, U.S.Navy from Suez and Korea. Kits contains plastics and resin engine parts
  12. AIMSP48017: 4 x MG 151 flash suppressors for ICM Dornier Do-217N-1 kit and other night fighter projects using the MG 151 weapon (designed to be used with ICM kits)
  13. ZVE7283: Petlyakov Pe-2 (100% New Tooling)
  14. TAR72004: Saab SF-37 'Viggen' photo-reconnaissance
  15. MINA7229: Vickers К machine-gun
  16. AZM7618: Breda Ba.65A-80 "In Italian service"
  17. AIMS32PE08: Polikarpov I-153 strut bracing wires (designed to be used with ICM kits)
  18. CD144021: Douglas C-133 Cargomaster: The C-133 Cargomaster was the first turboprop strategic airlifter for the USAF. The USAF Cargomaster fleet served between 1957 and 1971, and was primarily tasked with transporting ICBMs and other large loads that could not be carried by other transport aircraft. Designed for the new Roden kit, this 1/144 sheet provides 12 marking options for USAF and civilian Cargomasters. The options on this decal sheet are: C-133A Cargomaster 54-0145 C-133A Cargomaster 54-0135 C-133A Cargomaster 54-0140 "Spirit of Santa Monica Schools" C-133B Cargomaster 59-0524 Air Force Flight Test Center C-133A Cargomaster 54-0141 C-133A Cargomaster 56-2011 C-133B Cargomaster 59-0529 C-133A Cargomaster 56-2014 C-133A Cargomaster 56-2002 C-133A Cargomaster 54-0136 C-133A Cargomaster N200AR Foundation for Airborne Relief C-133A Cargomaster N199AB
  19. BX72032: Bristol M.1C
  20. CMQ72346: Saab JA-37 Viggen Ejection Seat (designed to be used with Special Hobby and Tarangus kits)