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Hannants News: 23/03/19

Two new Wingnut Wings just listed in Future Releases!

Show announcement! the London Colindale shop will supporting the Milton Keynes 'Modelkraft' on Sunday April 28th. This is at a new venue. The huge Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes MK stadium MK1 1ST The London Colindale shop will be closed this day. The usual 10% pre-order for collection at the show aplpies as usual. The delivery address Country should say 'Collect From Colindale Show'

A BIG delivery of Micro products including Micro Sol, Micro Set, Kristal Kleer etc has just arrived!

Due this week. New and reprinted Xtradecals

A large Call To Arms delivery now in!

Back in stock: Tamiya TA61119 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire NEW TOOLING 

Special Hobby 1:72 Short Sunderland coming soon! £42.99! Get it on backorder!

Eduard April and May release items are in Future Releases!

All new 1:32 Revell F/A-18E Super Hornet now in stock!

A further 60+ Eduard sets have just finished. See them in Limited Availability and be quick if you want any!

Modelcollect New Items and re-stock now in!

Now in stock! Hobbyboss HB83211 1:32 B:24J Liberator

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Top Selling New Items for Last 7 Days

  1. SW72122: McDonnell F3H-2 Demon U.S.Navy VF-31, 105, 143489 VF-161, 101/AH, 145295 Kits contains Plastic, PUR and PE parts
  2. SW72123: McDonnell F3H-2N/M Demon F-3C/MF-3B 2 markings for U.S.Navy VF-61, 203/AG, 137064 VF-82, 114/E, 137016 Kits contains Plastic, PUR and PE parts .
  3. BX72030: Bristol Type 72 Racer
  4. SW72098: Re-released! BAe Harrier T Mk.2/Mk.2A/Mk.4/Mk.4N 4 decals versions: T.Mk.2 XW269 TB T.Mk.2A XW933 P T.Mk.4 XZ146 Y T.Mk.4N ZB603 718 Kit contains colored PE parts .
  5. SW72121: Republic P-47N Thunderbolt 2 in 1 series 4 markings 02 Icky and Me 19 Bittrer 146 Meat Chopper Some Punkins Kits contains 2 complete models with PUR and PE parts
  6. TWC72041: de Havilland DH-104 Dove & Devon seats - (designed to be used with the A Model Dove & Devon kits)
  7. AH70020: Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Junior Set. Features "metal wing", extensive cockpit and wheel bay interior as well as tropical filter. This version is correct for the Battle of Britain 1940 and early African Campaign 1940-41.
  8. AIMS72D031: Heinkel He-177A-3 [He-177A-5]
  9. X32002: Reprinted! Luftwaffe/German Swastikas. Various styles including solid and outline. Sizes 300mm, 430mm, 540mm, 650mm, Also includes 1:24 Swastikas 300mm and 540mm
  10. DDT-01020S: Back in stock! Airbus A400M Transporter 'Grizzly' suitable for RAF, Turkish AF, French AF, Luftwaffe and Malaysian AF all A-400M Grizly/Atlas Revell A400M 'Atlas' not included (revised)
  11. AIMS72D030: Tulip Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6/Bf-109G-14/Bf-109K-4
  12. X48019: Reprinted! Luftwaffe/German Swastikas. Various styles including solid, outline and stencil in white, black and grey. Also includes pre-war style on white disc with red band. Sizes 300mm, 430mm, 540mm and 650mm.
  13. CD48147: USAF McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo RF-101C Part 2 Our second 1/48 scale sheet for the Kitty Hawk RF-101C kit features six options : two colorful natural-metal jets in addition to an ADC Gray example and three Vietnam War-era jets with unique nose art. The options on this decal sheet are: RF-101C 56-0186, 20 TRS RF-101C 56-0124, 66 TRW RF-101C 56-0179 RF-101C 56-0176, "Gerry's Clown", 45 TRS, Tan Son Nhut AB RF-101C 56-0166, "Luv Bug", 45 TRS, Tan Son Nhut AB RF-101C 56-0105, "The Iron Eyeball", 45 TRS, Tan Son Nhut AB
  14. AIMS72P002: Heinkel He-177A-3 lower aileron parts to back-date Revell He-177A-5 to an He-177A-3 (designed to be used with Revell kits) [He-177A-5]
  15. AIMS48D025: Tulip Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6/Bf-109G-14/Bf-109K-4
  16. CD48143: Republic F-105G "Wild Weasels" This comprehensive decal sheet is a tribute to the F-105F/G Wild Weasel and the USAF aviators who flew them for the very dangerous SAM suppression missions in Vietnam. Designed to fit the Monogram and Hobby Boss kits, it features 10 Wild Weasels from the Vietnam War to the last days of the type's service in the 1980s. The options on this decal sheet are: F-105G 63-8320 "Cooters" F-105G 63-8305 F-105G 63-8296 EF-105F 62-4428 "Red Ball" F-105G 62-4434 F-105G 63-8301 "Jinkin' Josie" F-105G 62-4423, Georgia ANG F-105G 63-8316, Georgia ANG F-105G 63-8340 F-105G 63-8362, Virginia ANG Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included. All of the sheets in this set were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.
  17. SBS72050: Fairey Swordfish Mk.I rigging wire set (designed to be used with Airfix kits)
  18. IBG72056: Type 2 Ho-I Japanese Infantry Support Tank (expected early March)
  19. SAMSD09: MDFSD9 Scaled Down #9 Fairchild A-10A Warthog/Thunderbolt II. The A-10 ‘Warthog’ owed its birth to two influences - the inadequacies of the Close Air Support aircraft used in Vietnam, and the need to counter Soviet armoured might in Europe. During the Vietnam War the Air Force regarded CAS as their domain but was hard pressed to find an aircraft with both the range and loiter capacity to fulfil this need. They did obtain quantities of the old but excellent piston-powered Douglas A-1 Skyraider originally developed for the Navy, which soon earned the appreciation of the ground-pounders by its ability to carry a huge warload, dish out and take punishment, and remain on station for an extended period of time. Late in the war the USAF shifted the CAS mission to the jet-powered A-7 Corsair II, which had been developed for a US Navy requirement for a carrier-based strike fighter to replace the A-4 Skyhawk. The Corsair was an excellent aircraft, but it was designed for the strike-interdiction role, not for the battlefield CAS mission. The USAF therefore began to put together an AX - ‘Attack Experimental’ program to develop a dedicated CAS aircraft that could do the job far better than the Corsair, match the Skyraider in warload and endurance, but be substantially faster while being extremely maneuverable. The aircraft would also need to be highly survivable through the use of armour and redundant systems, include twin engines and be armed with a fast-firing Gatling-type gun.
  20. TB48265: McDonnell F-15E Eagle Maximum Effort Eagles. From April to October 2018, the Panthers of the 494th Expeditionary Fight Squadron and Expeditionary Maintenance Unit deployed to an undisclosed location in the Middle East. As a major offensive air component of Coalition Joint Task Force OIR, the Panthers flew over 2,100 sorties totaling greater than 11,000 hours, and expended over 500 air-to-surface weapons in strikes against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The Panthers lethal, highly successful combat deployment helped advance the defeat of ISIS and secure the goals of regional stability. This decal sheet represents 15 aircraft from this squadron with associated nose art. There are enough stencils for (2) complete aircraft with stencil options sized for both the Revellogram kit as well as the new Great Wall Hobbies kit. Instruction sheets are our new 11" X 17" format and include model paint matches as well as full loadout information for these aircraft. Recommended Kits: Revellogram F-15E Strike Eagle Great Wall Hobbies F-15E Strike Eagle