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Hannants News: 22/06/19

Now in stock and being shipped! Airfix AX19004 1:24 Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat

Back in stock! Airfix AX05135 1:48 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV

Back in stock: Squadron Putty White & Grey

Eduard August releases now in Future Releases! Most with 10% discount if you backorder!

A new range Exito Decals now in stock!

The Armory 1:48 plastic kit AR48001 of the Fairey Flycatcher is expected in July. Get it on Backorder and save 10%!

More than 75 Eduard just moved to Limited Availability because they are finished and we cannot buy anymore. Be quick if you want any!

A new Wingnut Wings kit has just been announced! WNW32055 Sopwith Pup with Gnome engine. Expected September/October.

Just arrived, 7 new Xtradecal Sheets including RAF Tornado Retirement schemes in 1:72 & 1:48 Scales.

Two new Wingnut Wings Gotha kits have just been listed in Future Releases! Save 10% when you put it on Backorder! Expected late July!

 New range now in stock! Dead Design! Paint masks for Japanese aircraft. More new sets are on the ay!

Two new Wingnut Wings Gotha kits have just been listed in Future Releases! Save 10% when you put it on Backorder! Expected late July!

Xtradecals for the New 1:48 Airfix Tiger Moth are now in Future Releases.

ICM35330 now in stock! Leichttraktor Rheinmetall 1930, German Tank  "This is featured in World Of Tanks"

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Top Selling New Items for Last 7 Days

  1. AX19004: Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat
  2. VAL72136: Scottish-Aviation Twin Pioneer (RAF) Decals RAF Benson 1964 and RAE Boscombe Down 1965-1975
  3. AVM72007: de Havilland DH-83 Kiwi Fox Moth in New Zealand Service 4 scheme including RNZAF
  4. AX05135: Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV
  5. VAL72137: Scottish-Aviation Twin Pioneer (Empire Test Pilot´s School) G-APRS and later Air Atlantique
  6. ASPE24CAT: Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat Photo-etch & decal cockpit upgrade (designed to be used with Airfix kits) Each set includes: Fully detailed Etched Nickel Silver Instrument Panel, bulkhead & side console parts. Panels have holes for the addition of switches, knobs & levers (not included) High quality, one-piece, full colour Instrument panel decals & placards for all components Includes a small sheet of optically clear replacement simulated instrument glass Assembly instructions & ‘how to‘ tips A simple addition to kit parts with true scale appearance and layout (kit parts will need detail removed from face)
  7. AVM72010: de Havilland DH-83 Fox Moth "Foreign Service"
  8. VALDSV05: Scottish-Aviation Twin Pioneer Army versions resin seats Interior set (designed to be used with Valom kits)
  9. BRL72171: de Havilland Mosquito two stage Merlin engine nacelles set. Two stage Merlin engines Mosquitoes have longer engine nacelles than earlier versions. Also they have different air intakes and some detail. covers and some late variant details (designed to be used with Tamiya kits)[Mk.VI / NF.II Mk.IV / PR Mk.IV]
  10. CP72008: Mitsubishi A5M2b Claude (early version) EXPERT KIT includes: - five sprues, one of which is clear; - resin engine; - resin exhaust pipes; - resin cooling gills in the opened position; - brass Pitot Tube and antenna; - set of photoetched parts; - masks for painting the flashlight; - decal for four painting schemes; - coloured assembly guide
  11. SH72411: Saab 37 Viggen Duo Pack & Book from HMH Publications Duke Hawkins. As the title already suggests, the box contains two complete models of the SAAB 37 Viggen, a single seater AJ-37 and a twin-seater SK-37, along with a superb HMH Publication’s photographic book. Each of the kits comes on as many as fifteen injection moulded sprues with two clear ones, it also contains a full colour instruction booklet and offers as many as three AJ-37 and three SK-37 marking options. Two complete models in two different versions Extremely detailed models, accurate in terms of dimensions and shape too Finely rendered engraved panel lines Huge, Cartograf-printed decal sheet contains full set of all the various servicing stencils found on the airframe, Swedish Air Force machines given in the kit wore the camouflage scheme as well as just the natural metal finish. Limited release 1000 only
  12. CTA-024: McDonnell F-4J/F-4N/F-4S & RF-4B Phantom technical data stencils. USN/USMC aircraft. Standard & Low visibility paint scheme
  13. BRP72037: North-American P-51 Mustang Mk.Ia
  14. X48204: RAF Panavia Tornado GR.4 Retirement Schemes (3) Panavia Tornado GR.4 ZD716 ‘DH’ crewed by Flt. Lt. N. Shawyer and Wg. Cdr. M. J. Bressani. 31 Sqn RAF Marham March 2019 Tornado GR.4 ZG752 crewed by Sqn. Ldr. I. Dornan and Sqn. Ldr. S. Beardmore IX(B) & 31 Sqn RAF Marham March 2019 Tornado GR.4 ZG775 ‘AF’ crewed by Wg. Cdr. J. D. Heeps and Sqn. Ldr. C. A. Bostrom IX(B) Sqn RAF Marham March 2019
  15. CTA-023: "Phantom shades of gray" - Low Viz McDonnell F-4J/F-4N/F-4S & RF-4B Phantom, 9 Markings. McDonnell F-4J Phantom II, Bu.No. 153798, NL/212, VF-194 Red Lightnings, USS Coral Sea, February 1977. McDonnell F-4J Phantom II, Bu.No. 153850, AE/100, VF-102 Diamondbacks, USS Independence, July 1979. McDonnell-Douglas F-4N Phantom II, Bu.No. 151431, NK/104, VF-154 Black Knights, USS Coral Sea, August 1983. McDonnell-Douglas F-4N Phantom II, Bu.No. 152977, NK/206, VF-21 Freelancers, USS Coral Sea, April 1983. McDonnell-Douglas F-4S Phantom II, Bu.No. 153877, AA/101, VF-74 Be-Devilers, USS Forrestal, June 1982. McDonnell-Douglas RF-4B Phantom II, Bu.No. 151978, RF/04, VMFP-3 Eyes of the Corps, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, March 1983. McDonnell-Douglas RF-4B Phantom II, Bu.No. 151979, NF/116, VMFP-3 Eyes of the Corps, USS Midway, January 1984. McDonnell-Douglas F-4S Phantom II, Bu.No. 163862, AA/201, VF-103 Sluggers, USS Forrestal, October 1982. McDonnell-Douglas F-4S Phantom II, Bu.No. 155747, AA/203, VF-103 Sluggers, USS Forrestal, September 1982.
  16. SQ20202: Gray Putty 2.3oz Tube only (We are the UK distributor) [grey is the new green stuff]
  17. WPS119: Grumman F9F Panther When the US Navy decided to enter the jet age it was no surprise that it turned to Grumman for its first carrier borne jet fighter bomber with a recon option. The first design produced by the company was a mighty beast, more akin to a bomber than a fighter. Unfortunately American jet engine development was concentrating mainly on the turbojet, a slow process as little was really known about manufacturing such a powerplant. Back to the drawing board and Grumman designed a small straight winged single engined machine that would be powered by a centrifugal engine. However, America was going through an 'American stuff only' period therefore an overseas powerplant was put of the question, or was it? The problem would be solved by having the Rolls Royce Nene license manufactured by Pratt & Whitney as the J42. As insurance the Allison J33 was selected to power one batch of aircraft although all were converted to the J42 later. The resulting aircraft would be designated the F9F Panther and would enter squadron service at a fairly steady pace although this quickened once the United States found itself embroiled in the Korean War. The Panther proved itself to be a tough bird although there was the odd mix 'n' match that resulted in a blue tailed fly! The remaining Panthers would finally leave USN service in the early 1960s. The only overseas operator of the type was Argentina who also used them as carrier aircraft. This book is written by Kev Darling and is superbly illustrated by Richard J. Caruana.
  18. BCR48399: Hawker Tempest Mk.V Corrected de Havilland Spinner. This set contains a new detailed de Havilland 4 blade spinner with smaller & accurately shaped blade openings to replace the kit spinner in the Series I and Series II kits. new tool Eduard Tempest V. Can be modified for use on other other Tempest and Typhoon kits. (designed to be used with Eduard kits)
  19. X72310: RAF Panavia Tornado GR.4/GR.4A Special & Retirement Schemes (8) Tornado GR.4 ZD716 ‘DH’ crewed by Flt. Lt. N. Shawyer and Wg. Cdr. M. J. Bressani. 31 Sqn RAF Marham March 2019 Tornado GR.4 ZG752 crewed by Sqn. Ldr. I. Dornan and Sqn. Ldr. S. Beardmore IX(B) & 31 Sqn RAF Marham March 2019 Tornado GR.4 ZG775 ‘AF’ crewed by Wg. Cdr. J. D. Heeps and Sqn. Ldr. C. A. Bostrom IX(B) Sqn RAF Marham March 2019 Tornado GR.4 ZA560 ‘EB.Q’ crewed by Flt. Lt. B. Fusco and Sqn. Ldr. M. J. Hark 100 year anniversary of 41 Squadron, RAF41(R) TES Sqn RAF Coningsby 2017 Tornado GR.4 ZD752 ‘129’ 100 year anniversary of the Royal Air Force, RAF Marham March 2018 Tornado GR.4A ZA369 ‘003’ 40 year anniversary of Panavias’ involvement with the Tornado XIII Sqn RAF Leuchars 2009 Tornado GR.4A ZA401 ‘012’ 30 years of Tornado service, II(AC) Sqn RAF Marham June 2012 F-35B Lightning II ZM148 617 Sqn RAF Marham Janurary 2019
  20. X48203: Hawker Hunters International Operators F.56 BA360A 20 Sqn/Target Towing Flight Indian Air Force Kalaikunda AB West Bengal India 1972; F.6 660 4 Sqn Iraq Air Force H-3 Air Base during ‘Operation Moked’ Iraq 1967; FGA.70 L175 Lebanese Air Force during ‘Operation Moked’ Iraq 1967; F.6 60-602 5 Sqn Royal Saudi Air Force 1969; FGA.9 RRAF121 1 Sqn Royal Rhodesian Air Force Thornhill AB Rhodesia 1967; FGA.9 R1821 1 Sqn Royal Rhodesian Air Force Thornhill AB Rhodesia 1972.