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Hannants News: 16/09/18

In Stock Revell RV3943 1:48 Bristol Beaufighter TF Mk.X NEW TOOLING





It is with great sadness we announce the passing of David Hannant after a short illness.

If you would like details of Davids funeral please email





In Stock:

Airfix AX12009 1:72 Handley-Page Victor K.2 

Airfix AX09187 1:48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I

Airfix AX09188 1:48 Gloster Meteor FR.9  

Just Arrived: Kittyhawk KH80114 1:48 F-101B/RF-101B Voodoo; KH80116 RF-101C Voodoo; KH80141 Sukhoi SU-34,; Panda PN35008 1:35 M1 IP Abrams

In stock: Great Wall Hobby delivery  

New Eduard November releases now being listed in Future Releases. Most with 10% Backorder discount!


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Top Selling New Items for Last 7 Days

  1. HAT8294: 1815 French Infantry Marching (NEW in September 2018)
  2. DKD72061: Consolidated B-24 Liberator Pt.2, in RAF and Commonwealth Service 1. Liberator GR Mk.V, BZ860, No.1586 SDF RAF, W/C Krol, 1944 2. Liberator GR Mk.III, FL913, No.120 Sq. RAF, F/O Fleming-Williams, 1943 3. Liberator GR Mk.V, BZ939, No.160 Sq. RAF, India 1944 4. Liberator GR Mk.III, FL945, No.160 Sq. RAF, India 1944 5. Liberator B Mk.VI, KH408, No.159 Sq. RAF, India 1945 6. Liberator B Mk.VI, KL590, No.31 Sq. SAAF, Italy 1945 7. Liberator GR Mk.VI, EV824, No.160 Sq. RAF, India 1944 8. Liberator GR Mk.V, BZ805, No.354 Sq. RAF, India 1943 9. Liberator GR Mk.V, BZ751, No.311 (Czechoslovak) Sq. RAF, 1945
  3. DKD72059: No.1 Sq RAF in WWII: Hawker Hurricane, Typhoon, Supermarine Spitfire 1. Hurricane Mk.IA, s/n unknown, Vassincourt 1939 2. Hurricane Mk.IA, L1679, P/O P. H. M. Ritchey, May 1940 3. Hurricane Mk.IA, L1842, P/O P. W. E. Mould, October 1939 4. Hurricane Mk.IA, P3173, P/O J. F. D. Elkington, August 1940 5. Hurricane Mk.IA, V7377, Sgt J. Arbuthnot, September 1940 6. Hurricane Mk.IA, P3042, Sgt J. Štefan, December 1940 7. Hurricane Mk.IA, V7379, F/Lt. A. V. Clowes, February 1941 8. Hurricane Mk.X, AF980, Sgt E. A. Glover, May 1942 9. Hurricane Mk.IIA, Z2828, Sgt E. Goy, March 1941 10. Hurricane Mk.IIB, Z2909, P/O V. Kopecký, June 1941 11. Hurricane Mk.IIB, Z2482, P/O J. F. D. Elkington, March 1941 12. Hurricane Mk.IIB, Z2802, Sgt W. T. Page, March 1941 13. Hurricane Mk.IIB, Z2687, F/Sgt K. M. Kuttelwascher, April 1941 14. Hurricane Mk.IIB, Z2746, P/O J. C. E. Robinson, March 1941 15. Hurricane Mk.IIB, Z3449, F/Sgt K. M. Kuttelwascher, August 1941 16. Hurricane Mk.IIC, Z3902, F/Lt A. Velebnovský, July 1941 17. Hurricane Mk.IIC, Z3897, F/O W. W. M. McConnell, August 1941 18. Hurricane Mk.IIC, Z3899, Sgt G.Scott, August 1941 19. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BE581, P/O K. M. Kuttelwascher, January 1942 20. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BD935, P/O J. K. Alexander, November 1941 21. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BE572, F/Lt J. M. Crabb, November 1941 22. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BD947, S/L J. A. F. MacLachlan, November 1941 23. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BE581, F/Lt K. M. Kuttelwascher, May 1942 24. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BD949, P/O R. Marcinkus, February 1942 25. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BN966, Acklington, August 1942 26. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BP668, Sgt J. R. Campbell, August 1942 27. Typhoon Mk.IB, EJ983, P/O R.W.Hornall, November 1943 28. Typhoon Mk.IB, JP677, F/O H.T.Mossip, October 1943 29. Typhoon Mk.IB, MN207, Martlesham Heath, May 1944 30. Spitfire Mk.IX, ML119, S/L David Cox, February 1945
  4. VWP5777361: AD-5 The Boulton-Paul Defiant- A Detailed Guide To The RAF’s Turret Fighter by Richard A. Franks The fifth title in the Airframe Detail series will be an essential companion for anyone tackling the Airfix, Trumpeter and Classic Airframes kits in 1/48th, or the Airfix, MPM and even Pavla examples in 1/72nd scale. Contents will include all the elements listed plus: •A wealth of historical photographs and detail images of the world’s only complete preserved Defiant •Period detail images during production and service use •Colour profiles and by Richard J. Caruana •At least 80 pages in total •Lists of all Defiant, accessories and decals produced in all scales •Kit build of the new-tooled 1/48th Defiant from Airfix by Steve Evans
  5. DKD72067: Consolidated B-24 Liberator Pt.3, in RAF and Commonwealth Service 1. Liberator GR Mk.III, FL927/G, Test Flight 1943 2. Liberator GR Mk.V, BZ711, No.160 Sq. RAF, F/L P.Waddy, India 1945 3. Liberator B Mk.VI, BZ980, No.159 Sq. RAF, India 1945 4. Liberator GR Mk.VI, 3742, No.10 (BR) Sq. RCAF 1945 5. Liberator GR Mk.VI, EV882, No.206 Sq. RAF, 1944 6. B-24H Liberator, TS529, No.223 Sq. RAF, 1944 7. Liberator GR Mk.V, BZ792, No.224 Sq. RAF, 1943 8. Liberator GR Mk.III, FL936, No.160 Sq. RAF, India 1943 9. Liberator GR Mk.VI, EV834, No.354 Sq. RAF, India 1944 10. Liberator B Mk.VI, KH320, No.357 Sq. RAF, India 1944
  6. MDMD14419: Airbus A350 Detailing set for aircraft model (designed to be used with Revell kits)
  7. HAT8296: 1805-1812 French Marching (NEW in September 2018)
  8. MSSOL: Back in stock! Micro Sol for softening decals so they fit into or over panel lines. in 1 Fluid Ounce plastic bottles (Microsol use with Microset) softener softenor
  9. MDMDR14410: Lockheed C-5B Galaxy engines (designed to be used with Roden kits) Set contains 28 resin parts, photoetching board (56*71 mm)
  10. YMA7305: Dassault Mirage F.1EQ/ED (designed to be used with Special Hobby kits)
  11. DKD72062: Douglas Boston Mk.II/Mk.III/M.IV in RAF service over Europe 1. Boston Mk.II, AH433, test flight, UK 1941 2. Boston Mk.III, W8269/G, test flight, UK 1943 3. Boston Mk.III, Z2249, No.226 Sq. RAF 4. Boston Mk.III, AL289, P/O S.Abbott (RAAF), No.88 Sq. RAF 5. Boston Mk.III, Z2229, No.88 Sq. RAF 6. Boston Mk.III, AL690, No.88 Sq. RAF 7. Boston Mk.IIIA, BZ254, No.88 Sq. RAF 8. Boston Mk.IIIA, BZ389, No.88 Sq. RAF 9. Boston Mk.IIIA, No.88 Sq. RAF 10. Boston Mk.IV, BZ405, No.88 Sq. RAF 11. Boston Mk.IIIA, BZ254, No.107 Sq. RAF 12. Boston Mk.IIIA, BZ279, No.107 Sq. RAF 13. Boston Mk.III, AL719, No.107 Sq. RAF 14. Boston Mk.III, W8282, No.771 Sq. FAA
  12. SMK44-521B: Douglas DC-8 (Minicraft MC14521B)
  13. AX12009: Handley-Page Victor K.2 Schemes: 1) XL231 Lusty Lindy 2) XH669 – Black Buck Raids 3) 543 Squadron Lima Airport Peru 1971 As the last of Britain’s trio of V-bombers to enter service, the Handley Page Victor was arguably the most successful, remaining in RAF service for an impressive 35 years. The final K.2 versions were converted to provide the RAF with an effective air-to-air refuelling aircraft, serving through both the Falklands Conflict and the Gulf War of 1990.
  14. DW72010: Bell P-63A Kingcobra Racer (Sohio Handicap)
  15. HAT8297: Napoleonic French command (NEW in September 2018)
  16. DKD72058: Fighter bombers! Pt.2 1. P-51D Mustang, 2nd ACG, 10th AF, India 1945 2. Kittyhawk Mk.IV, A29-607, S/L J.Waddy, No.80 Sq. RAAF, New Guinea 1944 3. Hurricane Mk.IV, LF468, No.351 (Y) Sq. RAF, Prkos 1945 4. Hurricane Mk.IIC, HL973, No.241 Sq. RAF, 1943 5. P-51B Mustang, Lt. W.B.King, 355th FS, 354th FG, 1944 6. Spitfire Mk.VC, JK815, No.2 Sq. SAAF, Italy 1943 7. Spitfire Mk.IXC, MJ238, No.73 Sq., 1945 8. Typhoon Mk.IB, EK139, No.175 Sq. RAF, 1943 9. Whirlwind Mk.I, P7121, P/O D.A.Samant, No.137 Sq. RAF, 1943
  17. SW72117: Republic RF-84F Thunderflash 4 markings; USAF, France, Luftwaffe and Norway Kits contains Plastic and resin arts .
  18. DKD72064: Douglas Boston Mk.III/Mk.V in RAF and SAAF service over Africa and Italy Boston Mk.III/V in RAF and SAAF service over Africa and Italy 1. Boston Mk.III, Z2223, No.24 Sq. SAAF 2. Boston Mk.III, Z2228, No.24 Sq. SAAF 3. Boston Mk.III, AL691, No.12 Sq. SAAF 4. Boston Mk.III, Z2279, No.24 Sq. SAAF 5. Boston Mk.III, AL494, No.18 Sq. RAF 6. A-20B Boston, No.18 Sq. RAF 7. Boston Mk.IIIA, BZ337, No.18 Sq. RAF 8. A-20B Boston, No.18 Sq. RAF 9. Boston Mk.V, No.13 Sq. RAF 10. A-20C Boston, No.18 Sq. RAF 11. Boston Mk.V, No.13 Sq. RAF 12. A-20G, No.18 Sq. RAF
  19. MDMDR14411: Lockheed C-5B Galaxy Tail (designed to be used with Roden kits)
  20. RV3943: Bristol Beaufighter TF Mk.X 2018 New Tooling!