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Revell RV5168
1:72 US Navy Gato Class Submarine This a LIMITED EDITION with Photo Etch Ship kits, full hull (injection) Catalogue £149.00 - In Stock
True Details TD48546
1:48 USAF Flight Helmets 1970s. 4 fine resin helmets - 2 each HGU-26/P and HGU-36/P, all with separate oxygen masks and hoses. Ideal to dress up Vietnam and post-Vietnam era cockpits and vignettes. Diorama accessories (resin) Catalogue £5.99 Out of Stock
Emhar EM5005
1:72 Tadpole Mk.IV WWI Tank with Rear Mortar Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £10.99 - In Stock
Mark I Models MKM144102
1:144 Dassault Mirage IIIO/EP/RZ/5AD 'Worldwide Service' (RAAF, PAF, SAAF, UAEAF) The Mirage III jet fighter was developed by the French Avions Marcel Dassault company and its prototype flew in 1956. The first major production model was the Mirage IIIC, while the IIIE was an upgraded variant flying in April 1961. The Mirage IIIE was a single-seat, all-metal monoplane featuring a tailless delta configuration utilised as a multi... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £11.99 - In Stock
Attittude Aviation BUC-32005
1:32 Hispano Ha-1112K1L Tripala conversion set for (designed to be used with Hasegawa kits) Includes resin, painted PE parts and decals [license built Messerschmitt Bf-109G-2] Aircraft conversions (resin) Catalogue £54.99 - In Stock
LF Models LFMC48120
1:48 Back in stock! Tyre manufacturer logo's s logos - Part I Dunlop and Dunlop Aeroplane Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £8.99 - In Stock
LF Models LFPE7228
1:72 Back in stock! Sikorsky H-5F/H-5G (includes etched parts) US Air Force Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £23.40 - In Stock
LF Models LFPE7231
1:72 Back in stock! Westland Sikorsky WS-51 Dragonfly HR Mk.3 (includes etched parts) Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £23.40 - In Stock
Quickboost (by Aires) QB48301
1:48 BAC/EE Lightning seat with safety belts (designed to be used with Airfix kits) [F.2A/F.2A/F.3/F.6] Aircraft seats (resin) Catalogue £4.60 - In Stock
Quickboost (by Aires) QB72614
1:72 Back in stock! Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 position lights (designed to be used with Tamiya kits) Aircraft detailing sets (resin) Catalogue £4.60 - In Stock
Roden ROD335
1:144 Douglas C-133B Cargomaster n 1952, procurement of a new type for the Military Air Transport Service was announced in the United States under the SS402L Logistics Carrier Support Program. According to its requirements, the aircraft would have to lift more than 45 tons, including oversized items. The Douglas Aircraft Company, which has a long history of supplying transport aircraft to the military, proposed two projects, the C... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £32.99 - In Stock
Roden ROD339
1:144 Boeing 307 Stratoliner In the mid-1930s, in the wake of the rapid growth in passenger air travel, the Boeing Aircraft Company, while busy with the design of a modern four-engine bomber, worked simultaneously on the creation of a new four-engine aircraft, purposed for civil aviation. Innovative engineering directly affected the design of the aircraft fuselage - for the first time in a machine of this type, a pressurized cabin... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £27.99 - In Stock
Revell RV4975
1:72 Junkers Ju-52/3m Civil Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Revell RV5170
1:720 USS Tarawa LHA-1 Assault Carrier Ship kits, full hull (injection) Catalogue £19.99 - In Stock
Revell RV7646
1:24 1978 Corvette (C3) Indianapolis Pace Car Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Revell RV7648
1:24 2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept Car 5th Generation 2006 Car kits (injection) Catalogue £24.99
Out of Stock
Takom TAK01008
1:16 Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £72.99
Out of Stock
Takom TAK02050X
1:35 Maus V1 & V2 2 in 1 (Limited Edition) Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £59.99 - In Stock
Takom TAK02129
1:35 Russian AK-130 Automatic Naval Gun Turret. The Russian AK-130 automatic naval gun turret was developed in the 1970's to supersede the earlier SM-2 as armament for destroyers and cruisers. This twin-barreled weapon system is the most powerful naval gun turret in service today. The 130mm liquid-cooled guns have were derived from the powerful 130mm M-46 towed artillery piece. These water cooled guns are mounted side by side in an... Gun kits (injection) Catalogue £62.99
Out of Stock
Takom TAK02130
1:35 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.B The German Tiger Ausf.B, or King Tiger was arguably the very best tank that was put onto the battlefield during WWII, as well as the costliest. With each unit requiring some 300,000 skilled man-hours to complete, the King Tiger went into serial production in December 1943 at the Henschel factory in Kassel. At the peak of production, it took only 14 days to complete, and by the end of the war 492 examples were... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £55.99
Out of Stock
PJ Productions PJ321106
1:32 Back in stock! USN Pilot 1980/90's seated in aircraft Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.99 - In Stock
PJ Productions PJ321125
1:32 Back in stock! Imperial Japanese Navy Pilot (WWII) seated aircraft.Suitable for Mitsubishi A6M2b/A6M5c 'Zero' and other Japanese Navy aircraft (designed to be used with Hasegawa, Tamiya and Trumpeter kits) Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.99 - In Stock
Das Werk DASDW35008
1:35 Borgward IV Panzerjager "Wanze", Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £17.99 Out of Stock
KV Models KV14824
1:144 Antonov An-225 Mrija (designed to be used with Revell and Zvezda kits) Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) Catalogue £4.90 - In Stock
The Plastic Soldier Company WW2V20002
1:72 Pz.Kpfw.IV Easy Assembly plastic injection moulded 1/72nd German Panzer IV tank. Three vehicles in the box and each sprue gives options to build either a Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1, Ausf.F2, Ausf.G or Ausf.H version and comes with 2 commander figures Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £19.95 Out of Stock