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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2105
1:72 Yokosuka H5Y-1 Cherry IJN Type-99 flying boat. In 1934, the Imperial Japanese Navy issued requirement for a twin-engine maritime reconnaissance flying boat, which was intended to match the performance of contemporary four-engine flying boats, while being cheaper to build and easier to maintain. The 11th Naval Air Arsenal at Yokosuka was given the responsibility of design and building two prototypes, these being completed durin... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £117.99 Out of Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2088
1:72 Yakovlev Yak-24 Horse. In 1965, the U.S. Army launched the Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System (UTTAS) program. The initial specification called for an aircraft able to carry a crew of three and eleven troops with the main goal of replacing the Bell UH-1 Huey. Requests for proposals were issued to the industries in 1972. All the designs proposed in response to the specification were required to use two G.E. turbo-shaft ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £67.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4022
1:144 Yakovlev Yak-17 Feather, Cheranovski Ch-26 and Lavochkin La-15 Fantail Also includes BONUS kits of the Antonov An-22 Antei . In late 1950s, the Soviet leadership need a new cargo-lifter aircraft to carry cargoes to the underdeveloped areas of the northern USSR, Siberia and the Far East. Based on the experience acquired building the An-10 and the An-12 which were used as airliners and military transport, the Antonov design bure... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £127.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4097
1:144 Xian Y-20 Kunpeng. Three bonus kits included are: Chngdou J-10B fighter, Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon stealth fighter and Guizhou Soar Dragon UAV. In 2006, China government launched a Y-XX program for the development of large transport aircraft to meet its military modernization drive by 2015. Two major Chinese aviation companies Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation and Xi'an Aircraft Corporation expressed interest to develop the Y-XX airc... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £97.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2016
1:72 XF-109 Tilting jets VTOL supersonic fighter. In 1953, Bell Aircraft Corp developed a VTOL research aircraft, the Model 65 ATV that a pair of turbojets were mounted one each side of the fuselage and could rotated at the aircraft center. The ATV program ended in 1955 and gave Bell experience of the VTOL jet flight, that also led to U.S. Air Force and Navy sponsorship of the project D-188A tilting jets fighter, designated USAF's ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2084
1:72 XB-48. In 1944, with the success of the German jet bomber Ar.234, USAAF was aware of enemy aviation advances. The war department issued requirement for a new design of the jet bomber which powered either by J35 or J47 engines. The Martin company submitted the Model 223. It was awarded contract for two prototypes which designated XB-48. Other designs in the competition included the North-American XB-45, the Convair XB-46 and th... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £117.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG3005
1:144 X-Planes VTOL special set X-14A / X-18 / X-19 / X-22A Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £77.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5008
1:144 X-33, X-34, X-37, X-40A, X-42 X-planes RLV compilation set. In early 1990s, US congress requested to reduce funding for Space Shuttle operations. It is difficult for NASA to reduce costs without affecting safety. Many studies suggest that a Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) designed for quick-turnaround operation after each flight will allow for costs reduction. In 1994, NASA launched the RLV programs to demonstrate technologies o... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2029
1:72 Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III. In 1955, with the success of the F8U-1 and -2, Vought started to conceive a more powerful fighter design, the XF8U-3. Although it was similar to the F8Us and carried F8 designation, the aircraft was entirely a new design that installed larger fuselage to accommodate the new powerful J75 engine. The U.S. Navy was interested in the design and signed contract to Vought for five prototypes in competitio... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2050
1:72 Vought XF7U-1 Cutlass. In June 1945, U.S. Navy launched competition for a fighter able to fly at 600 mph high speed. Vought submitted the Model V-346 design which was based from German Arado's tailless fighter documents. Vought's engineers believed that deleting the tailplane would solve aerodynamic problem to increase maximum speed. In June 1946, Navy chose Vought's design as the winner and ordered three prototypes, designate... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £47.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4085
1:144 Vickers Windsor Includes these bonus kits Handley-Page HP.75 Manx, Baynes Bat, Vickers Type-432. In 1941, the Bristish Air Ministry issued an requirement for a high-altitude bomber with a pressurised crew compartment. By the time Vickers was already working on a experimental Wellingtion with pressure cabin nose. They submitted Type 447 proposal to Air Ministry, and was received contract for three Windsor prototypes plus two B.... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2096
1:72 Vickers VC-10K2 British in-flight refueling tanker Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £147.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2119
1:72 VFW-Fokker VAK-191B German vector thrust VTOL. In 1962, the West German government launched an requirement for the new ground attack fighter to replace the Fiat G.91. In the meantime NATO had launched a program for VTOL combat aircrafts. The Germans decided to work on the second VTOL fighter. After consideration of various options, the effort focused on the Focke-Wulf Fw.1262 design. This was further developed in a partnership... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £73.80 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4056
1:144 Tupolev Tu-22K Blinder-B. Includes bonus kits of the Mikoyan MiG-9 Fargo, Tupolev Tu-128 Fiddler and Mil Mi-1 Hare. In 1954, the Soviet Council of Ministers issued an ordering the development of a long range supersonic bomber. The Tupolev OKB was put in charge of the development, the Tu-105 configuration was selected. The first Tu-105 prototype made it first flight in 1958. It was proven as an impressive machine. The aircraft ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4006
1:144 Tupolev Tu-126 Moss AWACS. Also includes BONUS kits of the Yakovlev Yak-44, Beriev P-42 and Kamov Ka-25. In mid 1950s, the USSR Council of Ministers was spurred by the thread from the U.S. strategic bomber. The possible objective for the Soviet Union at the time was to create the 'eyes' from the upper hemisphere for country's defenses. In 1958, the requirement of the first Soviet Airborne Warning and Control System was identif... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4073
1:144 Tupolev TB-3. The world's first 4-engined monplane bomber. Includes BONUS kits of the Polikarpov I-16, Polikarpov I-5 and Grigorovich I-Z. In 1925, the Soviet Air Force approached the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute with a requirement for a heavy bomber with total engine output of 1,970hp. Tupolev OKB was selected to start design work in 1926. The mock-up was approved in 1929, and was given military designation TB-3 and civ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4020
1:144 Sukhoi T-4MS VG Also includes BONUS kits of the MiG Ferret, Kamov Blackghost and Suhkoi T-59 PakFa. The T-4MS bomber competed against Tupolev Tu-160. In 1967, the USAF launched a program of the Rockwell B-1B Lancer supersonic-strategic bomber which has a blended wing body configuration, with variable-sweep wing and four turbofan engines. The USSR prompted to maintain the strategic balance A requirement for the research and dev... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4094
1:144 Sukhoi T-4 Sotka Soviet supersonic bomber In 1963, the Soviet government issues a requirement for developing an aircraft analogous to the North-American XB-70 Valkyrie. Sukhoi, Tupolev and Yakovlev competed with the T-4, Tu-135 and Yak-33. The Sukhoi design, with its high cruise speed of 3,200 km/h was favored over the other two designs. In 1964, the building of a prototype was authorized. The first T-4, designated "101", fi... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4061
1:144 Sud-Est SE.161 Languedoc Mothership of Leduc 021 ramjet aircraft. Includes BONUS aircraft of the Leduc 021 Ramjet, Nord 1405 Gerfaut, SNCAN 1500 Griffon II and SNECMA C.450 Coleoptere. In 1949, the French military issued requirement for a utility transport that used to accomplish the long-range troop and equipment transport role. Due to the budgetary difficulties, the French military asked the industry-financed 'off-the-shelf'... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £77.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG3003
1:144 Sound Barrier Breakers set of 6 aircraft. Including Bell X-1, Bell X-2, Douglas X-3 Stiletto, Douglas D558-1 Skystreak, Douglas D558-2 Skyrocket, Douglas D558-3 Skyflash. Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £67.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4111
1:144 Sikorsky XPBS-1 Patrol bomber compete with Consolidated PB2Y Coronado DOUBLE KIT! Also includes 3 BONUS kits Great Lakes XSG-1 / Pitcairn XOP=1 and Schweizer LNS-1 Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2137
1:72 Sikorsky XPBS-1 flying boat Patrol bomber . In 1935, the US Navy initiated development of a new patrol bomber larger than the PBY Catalina that would have increased performance and weapon load capability. Consolidated and Sikorsky submitted proposals, and each received order for two prototypes as the XPB2Y-1 and XPBS-1. Both the prototypes first flew in 1937 but the Navy did not have funds at that time to procure the aircraft.... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £167.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2022
1:72 Sikorsky S-67 In 1964, U.S. Army lunched the AAFSS specification, that calling for an aircraft with a high-speed cruising and long-time hovering capability. Sikorsky submitted the S-66 pusher tail rotor project that competitor with Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne. The AH-56 won the contest but failed to meet the expectations. For intended to replace the AH-56, Sikorsky self-venture developed a simplified AAFSS that used a number of ex... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2114
1:72 Sikorsky S-42 flying boat. First of the Flying Clippers. In 1931, Igor Sikorsky laid out plans for a new, larger flying boat based on the earlier Sikorsky S-40. At the time Pan Am requested for a flying boat with which to span the Pacific Ocean and open up routes to the Far East. Both the Glenn Martin Company and Sikorsky responsed, the latter's design being the S-42. For the first time the airline's publicists could rightfull... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £167.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4096
1:144 Sikorsky JR2S-1 / VS-44A flying boat. Bonus kits included are Beechcraft XA-38 Grizzly, Platt-LePage XR-1 and Cornelius Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock