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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2058
1:72 McDonnell XF-88A Voodoo. In 1945, USAAF recognized all the early jet fighters lacked sufficient range to escort bombers to the target. So proposals for a penetration fighter were requested. In 1947, McDonnell submitted its larger-sized McDonnell F2H proposal, and was chosen for two prototypes, designated XF-88 Voodoo. The other designs entered the competition were the Lockheed XF-90 and the North-American YF-93A. In 1948, the ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2044
1:72 Beech XA-38 Grizzly. In 1942, USAAF requested for a new heavy armored ground attack airplane as a replacement of the Douglas A-20 Havoc. Beech Aircraft Corp had already started work on the design of the Model 28 "Destroyer' which specification met to the requirement. So a contract was awarded to Beech for two prototypes that designated XA-38 and re-named 'Grizzly' with competition in Hughes XA-37 (later changed to XF-11). For ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2046
1:72 Convair XB-46. In 1944, with the success of the German jet bomber Ar-234, U.S. war department was aware of aviation advance in the enemy. So a requirement for a new design of the jet bomber which tactical radius could cover 1000-miles was issued. Convair (Consolidated Vultee Aircraft) submitted the Model 109 mockup. It was approved and awarded contract for three prototypes which designated XB-46. Other designs in the competiti... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2001
1:72 Lippisch Li.P.13B Luft '46 Ramjet concept. In 1944, Germany started to face the fuel shortage problem. Dr. Alexander Lippisch and his design team had proceeding with the P.13a design in Austria and he though to try 'coal' to be a new kind of fuel for his ramjet fighter concepts. A hexagonal shape combustion chamber was selected for coal filling from a center top but it was no way to fit into the P.13a fuselage. So the differen... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £24.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2002
1:72 Bell X-22 Tilting ducts VTOL experiment. During early 1950s, Bell Aircraft began studying conventional propeller and jet design. In 1957, Bell signed contract from Navy for design of ducted propeller assault transport with VTOL capability. This study also caught attention of the Air Force, Marine Corp and Army, and joined for study during 1959. In 1962, Bell and Navy signed contract for the new test-bed, designated X-22. Its d... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £37.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2004
1:72 Mikoyan MiG-105-11 EPOS Soviet Space-plane / Lifting body project. In 1964, ex-USSR defense unit issued a 5-years military space plan, that included the 'Spiral' space-plane project. The MiG 105-11 EPOS was planned as an experimental manned spacecraft, that was under development in Mikoyan bureau as a part of the Spiral program. The Spiral space system consisted of an orbital spacecraft (MiG 105) with a rocket booster and supe... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £34.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2005
1:72 Curtiss-Wright X-19 Tilt-propellers VTOL experiment. In 1958, Curtiss-Wright started the four passengers VTOL commercial aircraft program without any government support. It was designed with a tilting propeller at each wing tip that a nacelle could rotate in pointing vertical for take off and landing and pointing horizontal for cruise. When the two prototypes were almost completed, Curtiss-Wright decided to offer these two air... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £37.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2008
1:72 Doak VZ-4DA Archaeopteryx of tilt-ducts VTOL. The Doak Model 16 was the first aircraft to demonstrate the tilt duct concept. In 1956, U.S. Army ordered a prototype, indicated VZ-4DA. The configuration was the tilting duct blower where located at each wing tip, pointing vertical for take off and landing, and rotated to the horizontal for forward flight. Engine exhaust was deflected at the fuselage rear for pitch control. To lim... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £34.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2009
1:72 General-Dynamics A-12 Avenger II Naval stealth attacker project. In mid-1980's, U.S. Navy awarded the ATA (Advanced Tactical Aircraft) program as a replacement for the Grumman A-6 Intruder. The key improvement over the existing aircraft was stealth ability. In 1988, General-Dynamics / McDonnell-Douglas were selected to develop a subsonic twin jet carrier- based ATA for attack at night or in bad weather, the A-12 Avenger II. Th... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2049
1:72 Convair XP-81 In 1943, USAAF issued a specification for a long-range jet powered fighter which could be flight across the Pacific to escort bombers to Japan. Consolidated Vultee Aircraft (Convair) responded with the new design which was powered by a combination of the turboprop and jet engine units, while Navy was also working on the same theory with the Curtiss XF15C-1 and the Ryan FR-1. The configuration was a nose mounted t... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £47.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2048
1:72 Douglas XA2D-1 Skyshark. In June 1945, with the success of the high performance AD Skyraider, Navy asked Douglas to design a new version of the AD with turboprop power, and selected Allison to design the power-plant. Allison proposed to install a pair of nose mounted engines to drive a pair of contra-rotating propellers. In cruise flight, one of the engine and prop could be shut down to increase its flight range. In 1947, two ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £47.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2021
1:72 Northrop YA-9A. In 1970s, U.S. Air Force launched the A-X requirement that a new designed ground-attack aircraft could provided stable platform for bombing accuracy over the battlefield area. It was also required to be durable for flight close to the ground, in range of enemy guns. The under-wing pylons could carry almost all arms in Air Force inventory. Northrop submitted the YA-9A to the Air Force in competition with the Fai... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2020
1:72 Republic XF-103. In 1949, U.S. Air Force introduced the new 'weapons system' concept, in which consisting of the air-to-air guided missiles, fire control system and the '1954 interceptor' capable of supersonic flight. The project was designed to intercept the new Soviet intercontinental bombers. In 1951, Air Force announced that the Convair's YF-102Aand the Republic's XF-103 were selected for the airframe part of the project. ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2039
1:72 North-American YF-93A. In 1946, USAF recognized all the early jet fighters were lacked sufficient range to escort bombers to the target. So the proposal for a penetration fighter were requested. In 1947, North-American responded with the proposal for a revised version of North-American F-86A, which the fuselage size was enlarged for bigger internal fuel tanks to increase its range. The extra fuel increased weight so the more p... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £47.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2026
1:72 Rockwell International XFV-12A U.S. Navy VTOL fighter. In 1972, U.S. Navy issued a request for the proposals of the next generation V/STOL close-support fighter on alternate the McDonnell-Douglas AV-8A. It was requested with supersonic speed capability, and enables to operate from small ships. Rockwell International responded with the 'thrust-augmented wing' design. This concept led to Navy's interest and was fully funded for ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £47.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2059
1:72 Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech. In 1950, Wright Air Development Center of the U.S.A.F. had worked with Curtiss and Hamilton to study the concept of new propeller which could approach supersonic speed to a piston-engine fighter. The engineers of the WADC needed a suitable airframe to test the concept, they selected most powerful Allison turboprop engine at the time, and chose to modify the F-84F for this new role. The concept a... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2029
1:72 Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III. In 1955, with the success of the F8U-1 and -2, Vought started to conceive a more powerful fighter design, the XF8U-3. Although it was similar to the F8Us and carried F8 designation, the aircraft was entirely a new design that installed larger fuselage to accommodate the new powerful J75 engine. The U.S. Navy was interested in the design and signed contract to Vought for five prototypes in competitio... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2028
1:72 Ling-Temco-Vought XC-142 Largest tilting-wing VTOL transport prototype. In 1950's, many V/STOL aircraft were built and evaluated by the US Military services. Few of the concepts were deemed to have the operational capabilities. Base on these prototypes experiences, the new V/STOL assault transport program was announced. In 1961, a request for proposal of the large cargo airplane was released by Tri-services. Ling-Temco-Vought ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £67.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2016
1:72 XF-109 Tilting jets VTOL supersonic fighter. In 1953, Bell Aircraft Corp developed a VTOL research aircraft, the Model 65 ATV that a pair of turbojets were mounted one each side of the fuselage and could rotated at the aircraft center. The ATV program ended in 1955 and gave Bell experience of the VTOL jet flight, that also led to U.S. Air Force and Navy sponsorship of the project D-188A tilting jets fighter, designated USAF's ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2018
1:72 North-American XF-108 Rapier Mach 3 escort fighter for XB-70. In 1955, USAF launched the program of LRIX (Long-Range Interceptor Experiment), that the fighter was to be capable of March 3 performance and could destroy attacking Soviet bombers over the poles before they could get near U.S. territory. As it was also to be the escort fighter for the XB-70 bomber that was built by North-American Aviation, the company also was issu... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 Out of Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2015
1:72 Northrop M2-F2 First powered Lifting body. In 1957, NASA had investigated the problems associated with re-entry from space of missile nose cone. Engineers conceived the lifting body idea that by modifying a cone shape, aerodynamic lift could be produced to fly back from space rather than plunge to the earth. This study led to the design known as the M-2, a 'M'odified half-cone, rounded on bottom and flat on top, with twin tail... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £34.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2014
1:72 Northrop HL-10 The fastest Lifting body. In 1962, NASA started a program to build a lightweight, powerless lifting body, the M2-F1 as a prototype to study the wingless vehicle concept. It was designed to demonstrate the ability of pilots to maneuver in the atmosphere, and safety landing after reentry from space. With the success of the M2-F1 program, which led to NASA's development of two heavyweight, powered lifting bodies, t... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £34.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2011
1:72 Hiller X-18 Tilt-wing VTOL cargo transport experiment. During early 1955, Hiller Aircraft designed a large, tilt-wing VTOL aircraft as an in-house study. In 1956, U.S. Air Force interested this concept and assigned contract to Hiller for the development of a VTOL cargo transport. The test bed was designated X-18. In order to speed the construction process and to conserve available Air Force funding, the X-18 was built from exi... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2025
1:72 Arado Ar-E.581-4. In 1943, Arado began work on series of the Ar E.555 flying wing bomber project. This flying wing configuration was thought to be the best design to fulfill a requirement of high speed, heavy loading and long-range aviation. Due to the design acceptance by the Reichsluftfahrt Ministerium (State Ministry for Aviation) in early 1944, the Arado design team scaled down the same configuration to design a smaller si... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £24.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2022
1:72 Sikorsky S-67 In 1964, U.S. Army lunched the AAFSS specification, that calling for an aircraft with a high-speed cruising and long-time hovering capability. Sikorsky submitted the S-66 pusher tail rotor project that competitor with Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne. The AH-56 won the contest but failed to meet the expectations. For intended to replace the AH-56, Sikorsky self-venture developed a simplified AAFSS that used a number of ex... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock