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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4036
1:144 BAe Nimrod MR.2. Also includes BONUS kits of the Westland Merlin HC.3, Britten-Norman Defender AL.1 and Hawker P.1185 (AV-16A) Advanced Harrier. In early 1960s, the British Air Ministry issued a request for a more modern and powerful naval reconnaissance plane to replace the aging Avro Shackleton MR.3s which was designed in the World War Two-era. Hawker-Siddeley responded with a Nimrod design that the aircraft was modified fro... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4037
1:144 Nakajima G5N2 Shinzan. Also includes BONUS kits of the Aichi E16A1 Zuiun, Yokosuka R2Y1 Keiun and Kawasaki Ki-78. In 1938, with success of the Mitsubishi G4M attack bomber, the Japanese Navy issued requirement for an advanced four-engine heavy bomber which could operate more long-range and bomb load than the G4M. Nakajima and Kawanishi were selected to create two new bombers, one was the land-based airplane and the other was f... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5009
1:144 Martin SLV-5C Titan IIIC / MOL, X-20, IDCSP. In 1955, the USAF served a backup in case the first ICBM Atlas development ran fail. It was decided to develop a second system, the Martin Titan I. Later the Titan II with greater range and lifting capacity was initiated. In 1958, the Air Force asked to evaluate proposal for launching a X-20 piloted orbital glider. The Titan II was modified by adding two strap-on solid motors for th... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4040
1:144 Beriev A-40 Mermaid. Also includes BONUS kits of the Beriev R-1, Moskalyov SAM-29 and Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B. In 1976, after the success of the Be-12, the Beriev bureau began to research the feasibility of designing a next generation / jet-powered anti-submarine seaplane. The design drew the attention of Soviet Navy. In 1983, Soviet Government chief Designer AK Konstantinov with the support of Navy, issued an order to Beriev to p... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £97.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4042
1:144 Myasishchev 3MD Bison-B/C. Also includes BONUS kits of the Yakovlev Yak-27K Flashlight, Yakovlev Yak-28-64 and Tysbin LL-3. Aircraft History and Specification. In 1946, the USAF launched a program of the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress long-range bomber capable of carrying out the strategic mission. The USSR prompted to maintain the strategic balance. A requirement for the development of an intercontinental bomber with a strike cap... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £97.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2085
1:72 Lockheed AH-56A Cheyenne Attack helicopter to replace AH-1. In 1965, with the growing involvement in Vietnam, the U.S. Army requested proposals for an Advanced Aerial Fire Support System (AAFSS) program intended to establish a technologically advanced attack helicopter. Preliminary designs were submitted by Lockheed and Sikorsky. In 1966, Lockheed's design, AH-56 Cheyenne was selected as the winner. An engineering development ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2073
1:72 Myasishchev M-17 Stratosfera. In May 1960, when the Lockheed U-2 spy-plane was shot down over Ukraine, American started to use alternative unmanned balloon that prevailing winds would carry it across Soviet territory. The Soviet PVO (air defense forces) found this tread difficult to counter, and ordered Myasishchev to be head of a secret tasked with a high-altitude balloon destroyer aircraft. The result was the M-17 Mystic-A. ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £67.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2083
1:72 Consolidated B-32 Dominator. In 1939, the USAAF issued requirement for a Super bomber which could operate at high-speed, long-range, more bomb load and more defensive armament than the existing Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and Consolidated B-24. In 1940, the Army issued contracts for preliminary design to four major aircraft companies, which were designated as Boeing XB-29, Lockheed XB-30, Douglas XB-31 and Consolidated XB-32. ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £117.99 Out of Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2053
1:72 Douglas D-558-3 Skyflash. In early 1950's, a several high-speed flight researches were being proceeded by different agencies, the NACA's hypersonic research, the Air Force's Project 1226 and the Navy's D-558 program. In 1954, Langley team of NACA gathered those similar researches from military services and aerospace industries, combined with the Air Force and Navy to launch the new 'Project 1226' competition. As Navy liked to ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £37.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2058
1:72 McDonnell XF-88A Voodoo. In 1945, USAAF recognized all the early jet fighters lacked sufficient range to escort bombers to the target. So proposals for a penetration fighter were requested. In 1947, McDonnell submitted its larger-sized McDonnell F2H proposal, and was chosen for two prototypes, designated XF-88 Voodoo. The other designs entered the competition were the Lockheed XF-90 and the North-American YF-93A. In 1948, the ... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2075
1:72 Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer. In 1957, the U.S. Navy began to plan a new concept for airborne fleet defense. A large subsonic interceptor with a powerful radar was to be equipped with very long range high speed air-to-air missiles to shoot down approaching Soviet strike aircraft and bombers. In 1958, Bendix and Grumman were selected as contractors for the AAM-N-10 Eagle missile. A year later the Douglas XF6D-1 Missileer design was... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £67.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4025
1:144 Consolidated PB2Y-5/R Coronado. ALSO includes free of the Curtiss XF15C-1, Martin XTBM-1 Mauler and Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket. In 1935, the U.S. Navy request for the development of a new patrol bomber larger than the Consolidated PBY Catalina that would have increased performance and weapon load capability. Consolidated and Sikorsky submitted proposal which received order for two prototypes as the XPB2Y-1 and XPBS-1. Both the p... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £77.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4026
1:144 Focke-Wulf Fw-261. Also includes BONUS kits of the BMW Strahijager P.III, Arado Ar-E.500, Blohm-und-Voss Bv-P.196 and Focke-Wulf Fw-189V-6. In 1941, the Luftwaffe Fw.200 Condors were constantly shot down by Hawker Hurricane in the Atlantic and North Sea theater. The RLM ordered industries to propose a new machine which could enable to carry more defensive armaments. Focke-Wulf responsed with the P.02310225 very long-range bomb... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £77.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5007
1:144 Lifting bodies set. In 1957, NASA had investigated the problems associated with re-entry from space of missile nose cone. Engineers conceived the lifting body idea that by modifying a cone shape, aerodynamic lift could be produced to fly back from space rather than plunge to the earth. This study led to the design known as the M-2, a 'M'odified half-cone, rounded on bottom and flat on top, with twin tail-fins. This configurati... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5008
1:144 X-33, X-34, X-37, X-40A, X-42 X-planes RLV compilation set. In early 1990s, US congress requested to reduce funding for Space Shuttle operations. It is difficult for NASA to reduce costs without affecting safety. Many studies suggest that a Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) designed for quick-turnaround operation after each flight will allow for costs reduction. In 1994, NASA launched the RLV programs to demonstrate technologies o... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4001
1:144 Daimler-Benz Project-B WWII project. ALSO includes 5 BONUS kits of the Daimler-Benz Project F fighter, 5 kits of the Daimler-Benz Project E fighter AND 1 kit of the Daimler-Benz P.310256-05 fighter. In 1943, instructed from Reichsmarschall Goring for the design and produce very long-range bombers which would be capable of attacking targets in the U.S.A. and Soviet industrial plants far beyond the Germany, Daimler-Benz combined... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4008
1:144 Messerschmitt Me P.08-01 Flying-wing bomber target to New York. Also includes BONUS kits of the Me.329, Bv.P.208-03, Li.P.13B and Ar.E.555-01. In May 1942, as the war situation worsened, the design bureaus of Focke-Wulf, Junkers and Messerschmitt all sought to develop a long-range bombers which could be able to carry 4000 kg bomb load into U.S. air-field, where they could mount bombing raids against targets along America's eas... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £77.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2062
1:72 Platt Le Page XR-1 first U.S.Army helicopter. Aircraft History and Specification. In 1937, two engineers, Laurence LePage and Haviland Platt, traveled to Germany to view the Focke FA-61 tandem-rotor helicopter. There they obtained an option to build the Focke helicopter in U.S., but deteriorating conditions between two governments prevented the deal from going through. After returning to the U.S., they formed Platt LePage Airc... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £37.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2079
1:72 McDonnell Blue Gemini. In 1961, after success of the Mercury spacecraft launch, NASA contracted McDonnell to design a larger two-man Mercury mark II for longer periods in orbit. This bigger spacecraft which soon renamed Gemini that require a larger launch vehicle, a Titan II missile. The Titan II was Air Force missile and naturally required close coordination with the Air Force. The Air Force was interested in the Gemini progr... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £37.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2084
1:72 XB-48. In 1944, with the success of the German jet bomber Ar.234, USAAF was aware of enemy aviation advances. The war department issued requirement for a new design of the jet bomber which powered either by J35 or J47 engines. The Martin company submitted the Model 223. It was awarded contract for two prototypes which designated XB-48. Other designs in the competition included the North-American XB-45, the Convair XB-46 and th... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £117.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5002
1:144 Molniya Buran OK-1.01 space shuttle. In 1974, after failure of the N-1 Lunar rocket, the Soviet military preferred a new family of modular following the loss of space race to America. In 1976, the Ministers of the USSR launched the program of the reusable spacecraft system. The former OKB-1 bureau was restructured to NPO Energia enterprise that in charge of the program development. The U.S. shuttle design was studied by Soviet... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £77.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5005
1:144 Salyut Polyus- Orbital Weapons Platform. In 1983, U.S. President Reagan launched a 'Star Wars' program, a shield intended to defend the U.S. against nuclear attack from any place on earth. The Soviet Union immediately accused the United States of seeking to militarily dominate over the others. The USS R. chairman Andropov sought to bring about a treaty banning military weapons from space, and authorized the design of counter-m... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £47.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5006
1:72 Martin-Boeing XMS-1. Original Dyna-Soar configuration. In 1945, millions of German military documents were confiscated by USAAF. One of the concept was the Sanger aerospace bomber. During post-war years, Bell was selected for further studies on rocket-bomber which named BoMi. In 1956, the USAF channeled Bell's development to a reconnaissance, bombardment vehicle. A competition for a prototype was opened. In 1959, Boeing won th... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £97.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG4020
1:144 Sukhoi T-4MS VG Also includes BONUS kits of the MiG Ferret, Kamov Blackghost and Suhkoi T-59 PakFa. The T-4MS bomber competed against Tupolev Tu-160. In 1967, the USAF launched a program of the Rockwell B-1B Lancer supersonic-strategic bomber which has a blended wing body configuration, with variable-sweep wing and four turbofan engines. The USSR prompted to maintain the strategic balance A requirement for the research and dev... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £87.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2082
1:72 Lockheed C-141B Starlifter McChord Air Force Base markings. In 1959, the U.S.A.F. issued a requirement for a jet powered, fast and strategic transport aircraft that would serve as a 'work horse' for rapidly moving U.S. Army troops anywhere in the world. Lockheed responded to the requirement with the Model 300 and was received contract for the aircraft to be designated C-141A. In practice, MAC found that the C-141A's cargo hold... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £167.99 Out of Stock