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Mini Art MT41006
1:35 AVRO CIERVA C.30A CIVILIAN SERVICE Highly Detailed Model Clear Parts Included Door can be Open or Closed Photo-Etched Parts Included Decal Sheet for 4 Variants Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £39.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32061
1:32 Fiat G.50-II "Regia Aeronautica" In the time just before the outburst of World War Two, the Fiat G.50 Freccia became one of the main fighter aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica, or the Royal Italian Air Force. The early version of this plane had already been combat- proven during the late stages of the Spanish Civil War. The first version to be mass-produced was the G.50- II which also incorporated demands and experiences of com... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72343
1:72 Fairey Barracuda Mk.II 'Pacific Fleet' The Barracuda model kit is produced using three metal moulding tools and consists of grey injected styrene sprues and one clear plastic sprue. A torpedo replica or a 1600lb bomb can be fitted beneath the fuselage, the model also has wing armament racks. The kit offers four scheme options with various types of national markings. These Barracudas saw service fighting the Japanese aggressors... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72350
1:72 Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver "The Final Version" The final production version of the famous Helldiver dive bomber was the SB2C-5 which was able to carry much more fuel, featured a paddle-bladed propeller without a spinner, enlarged bomb bay, sliding front cockpit canopy hood with simplified framing and other improvements. By standard, it was also fitted with the AN/APS-4 radar set. Being delivered to a few U.S. Navy units, the SB2... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £26.70 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72383
1:72 de Havilland Vampire Mk.1 'RAF, RAAF and Armee de l'Air. Development of jet fighter later to be named Vampire began in 1941 and related closely with development of H-1 jet engine, for which the engine section of de Havilland company was responsible. The engine was known later under its new name Goblin and its development was very successful. The Vampire was therefore ordered under Air Ministry specification E6/41 for an experi... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £15.80 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72384
1:72 Saab JA-37 Viggen Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £24.80 - In Stock
Eduard Brassin ED648480
1:48 PAVE Way I Mk 83 Slow Speed LGB Thermally Protected Aircraft detailing sets (resin) Catalogue £8.60 - In Stock
IsraDecal Studio IC48047
1:48 IAF Vintage 360kg GP Bombs. Contains 6 bombs and decals Aircraft detailing sets (resin) Catalogue £19.20 - In Stock
IsraDecal Studio IC48048
1:48 IAF Vintage 250kg GP Bombs. Contains 6 bombs and decals Aircraft detailing sets (resin) Catalogue £19.20 - In Stock
Planet Models PLA26448
1:48 FFVS J-22A "Swedish WWII main fighter aircraft" At the beginning of the Second World War, the Flygvapnet, or the Swedish Air Force, found itself in a very difficult position. The obsolete Gladiator fighter biplanes called for replacement by some more modern piece of equipment. The Swedenas effort to solve this trouble by making a purchase abroad was only partially successful as because of the 1940 embargo, the US-made Seversky... Aircraft kits (resin) Catalogue £51.80
Out of Stock
Special Hobby SH32040
1:32 Nakajima Ki-27 Otsu Nate Decals Over Malaya and Philippines Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48141
1:48 DFS SG-38 German and Slovak service The same set of sprues is present in the second boxing and its decal sheet offers markings of the typeas biggest user, Nazi Germany. To make the choice more colourful, there are also three Slovak machines one of which also flew in the post-war era. Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £13.60 - In Stock
CAM CAM48049
1:48 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Blue Angels Team 1 - 7. Includes serials and names for 1987 and 2001 seasons Note No 7 jet is a two seater. Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £8.99 - In Stock
Print Scale PSL48173
1:48 Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress "Veni. Vidi. Vici." 1. B-17F in the 388th Bomb Group on the plane Veni Vidi Vici. He completed his 25 missions on 20 Feb 44. The next crew that took that plane diverted into Sweden and the crew and plane were interned. That aircraft was refurbished and used by Sweden to make the first commercial flight across the Atlantic after the war and landed at La Guardia Airport. It was written off 12/4... Aircraft decals (military) Catalogue £10.40 - In Stock
HAT Industrie HAT8275
1:72 WWI Belgian Carabinier Bicyclists Figures (injection) Catalogue £5.30 - In Stock
Dora Wings DW48017
1:48 Marcel-Bloch MB.151C.1 - Four options in decals Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £24.99 - In Stock
Eduard ED49762
1:48 Douglas EKA-3B Skywarrior undercarriage (designed to be used with Trumpeter kits) Aircraft detailing sets (etched) Catalogue £21.99 - In Stock
Meng Model MMSPS-062
1:35 Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger Interior (Porsche) Military vehicle detailing sets (resin) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Trumpeter TU01567
1:35 Soviet KV-1S/85 Soviet Heavy Tank Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £32.99 - In Stock
Barracuda Studios BCR48388
1:48 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-5 the to Bf-109G-14 smooth main tyres and separate ribbed hubs. (designed to be used with Academy, Arii, Eduard, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Hobby Boss, Hobbycraft, ICM, Italeri, Monogram, Otaki, Matchbox, Revell, Tamiya and Unimodel kits) [Bf-109G-6 Bf-109G-7 Bf-109G-8 Bf-109G-9 Bf-109G-10 Bf-109G-11 Bf-109G-12 Bf-109G-13 Bf-109G-6/G-2] Aircraft wheels (resin) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
Eduard ED48979
1:48 McDonnell F-101B Voodoo exterior (designed to be used with Kitty Hawk Model kits) Aircraft detailing sets (etched) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
Eduard ED53232
1:200 Royal Navy signal flags STEEL Ship detailing sets (etched) Catalogue £15.99 - In Stock
Scale Aircraft Conversions SAC48075
1:48 Heinkel He-111H/He-111P Landing Gear (designed to be used with Monogram and Revell kits) Aircraft detailing sets (metal) Catalogue £18.99 - In Stock
Mini Art MT35609
1:35 GERMAN ROAD SIGNS (ARDENNES, GERMANY 1945) Diorama accessories (injection) Catalogue £11.99 - In Stock
Special Navy SN72004
1:72 CV-707 Vesikko Finnish submarine. Built in Finland, Vesikko was in fact a prototype of the German Type II submarine class. Vesikko, also known by her manufacturing code CV707 was introduced to service with the Finnish Navy in 1936 and went on to serve until 1944. She took part in both the Winter and Continuation Wars and in 1959, she became a permanent exhibit in Suomenlinna fortress and is displayed there ever since. Accu... Ship kits, full hull (injection) Catalogue £67.50 - In Stock