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Valiant Miniatures VM0004
1:72 Re-released! German (WWII) Infantry Normandy 1944. In the Normandy campaign of the summer of 1944 the Germans deployed a wide variety of troop types. These included regular army infantry and panzer (armoured) divisions, SS panzer and panzer grenadier divisions, Luftwaffe ground troops and paratroops (used in the ground fighting role). The soldiers in this set are typical of those found in the regular army units and feature ... Figures (injection) Catalogue £12.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM0005
1:72 Re-released! German (WWII) IF8 Infantry Cart. Includes 2 horses, 2 carts and choice of vehicle attachments, Panzerschrecks and carrying frame, machine gun, 2 walking soldier figures, ammunition boxes and jerry cans. Figures (injection) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM0007
1:72 German 105 Howitzer & crew Figures (injection) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VMFT001
1:72 21 Germany infantry figures 1942-44 Figures (injection) Catalogue £7.50 Out of Stock
Valiant Miniatures VMFT002
1:72 13 figures with two tripod MG42 machine guns and two 81mm mortars Figures (injection) Catalogue £7.50 Out of Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM009
1:72 British 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun and Crew. The box contains 2 model guns, 8 crew & accessories Figures (injection) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VMRR001
1:72 Rapid Ruin French House / Shop A detached house with numerous assembly options. Converts to a ruin. Accesories include optional dormer, shop frontage, garage doors, window shutters and pieces of rubble. Figures (injection) Catalogue £18.99 Out of Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM010
1:72 WWII German Paratroopers and heavy weapons. Inc Stielgranite 41, wheeled weapons container, Pak-36 field gun, LG40 and 11 figures Figures (injection) Catalogue £7.99 Out of Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM0006
1:72 German Paratroops (WWII) x 24 figures. Our German Paratroops are modelled on the troops that took part in the assault on Crete in 1940. This means our versatile figures have a mixture of early and late pattern smocks and separate heads have the distinctive paratrooper helmet cover. Six of the eight poses are armless figures that can either be equipped with the various weapons options in the set (MP 40 sub machine guns, MG 34 m... Figures (injection) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM0001
1:72 British (WWII) Infantry 1944-45 'Tommies' 68 hard plastic figures. On 6th June 1944 British, Canadian and American forces stormed ashore on the beaches of Normandy, France. The D-Day invasion signalled the beginning of an eleven month campaign which would result in the liberation of North-West Europe after four years of German occupation. The figures and models in this box are representative of a typical British (or Canadia... Figures (injection) Catalogue £12.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM0002
1:72 German (WWII) Infantry 1944-45. 68 hard plastic figures. Unlike the image often portrayed by Hollywood the backbone of the German Army was the largely horse-drawn infantry division. Although these formations may now seem very primitive compared to the fully mechanised British, Canadian and American forces this criticism cannot be made of German equipment. The models in this box include the excellent MG 42 machine gun (which... Figures (injection) Catalogue £12.99 - In Stock
Valiant Miniatures VM0003
1:72 American G I's 1943/44. Following Americas sudden entry into the war at the end of 1941 the army underwent a massive expansion and re equipment programme. The models in this box depict the troops deployed in the North African, Mediterranean and European theatres from Operation Torch in 1942 to the autumn of 1944 in NW Europe. They are wearing the typical combat uniform which includes the M1941 field jacket and canvas leggings. Figures (injection) Catalogue £12.99 - In Stock