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CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72374
1:72 Douglas A-20/DB-7C Boston RAAF Crew (designed to be used with Special Hobby kits) Two RAAF crew members about to get into their A-20 Boston. The pilot is standing on the fuselage while the gunner is bending down so that he could board the plane via the belly entrance. These fugures are sculpted to fit the Special Hobby A-20/DB-7C models or some other RAAF aeroplanes of the era. Figures (resin) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72372
1:72 Heinkel He-162A Mechanics (2 pcs.) A pair of Luftwaffe ground crew members servicing the latest jet fighter introduced into service. One of the mechanics opens the gun panel, the other one stands above, watching. Figures (resin) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF35370
1:35 German Infantryman Carried on Hetzer 1944/45 Highly realistic figure of a tired German infantryman sitting on the top armour plate of the Hetzer tank destroyer. His personal eqipment and dress is typical for late war years 1944-45. (designed to be used with Italeri and Tamiya kits) Figures (resin) Catalogue £11.25 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72371
1:72 US Navy Grumman F-6F Hellcat Pilot and Mechanic The set offers a figure of a navy pilot standing beside his Hellcat (it is also okay to place him next to another type, F4F-5/F4F-3, F4U etc..). His mechanic crouches nearby ready to remove the wheel chocks. (designed to be used with Airfix, Eduard Hasegawa etc kits) Figures (resin) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48368
1:48 Messerschmitt Bf-109G German Pilot, seated (designed to be used with Eduard kits) Excellent figure of a sitting pilot has been designed for the equally superb Eduard's Bf 109G kit. [Bf-109G-6/AS Bf-109G-2 Bf-109G-4 Bf-109G-6 Bf-109G-10 Bf-109G-12} Figures (resin) Catalogue £8.80 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72369
1:72 Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4 Ace A. Galland and mechanic. These two figures portray German fighter ace A.Galland and his mechanic, both standing. While Galland has just got out of his Bf 109E and lit up the cigar we all are used to seeing him with, his mechanic has been given Galland's life jacket. Galland wears his flying suit and a pair of fur RAF trousers, the mechanic is seen wearing a standard overall. A figure of the Germa... Figures (resin) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48367
1:48 Luftwaffe WW2 / CS post-war Aircraft Mechanic. This top-notch figure of a airframe mechanic has been sculpted in a natural, life-like pose, walking, carrying a tool box. This mechanic can be used either with a German WW2 aircraft or besides an immediately post-war Czechoslovak machine. Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.40 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72366
1:72 Mikoyan MiG-21PF/PFM Pilot (in High Altitude Pressure Suit) and Ground Crew (2 fig.) This pilot figure wearing the altitude suit has been specifically prepared for the new MiG-21 PF/PFM as kitted by Eduard. It comes accompanied by a figure of a ground crew. (designed to be used with Eduard kits) Figures (resin) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72365
1:72 Heinkel He-162A Spatz - Three Pilot figures, each in different gear: Flying Suit, Breeches, Great Coat 1/72 - A trio of Luftwaffe officers, one of them wears flying suit with the parachute attached, the second one poses in the standard uniform whilst the last one is portrayed wearing a great coat. Based on a real photo showing the men in front of a He 162. (designed to be used with Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.20 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72288
1:72 Soviet Tank Desant Troops WW II (4 figures), for a T-34 and another tanks. The first of two sets that deal with Soviet submachine-equipped tank desant soldier figures riding atop a tank hull. The figuresa arms and heads are cast as separate pieces.The second one of the two tank desant infantry sets. One of the soldiers stands holding a tank turret handle, the other one sits atop the tank hull. The arms and heads are separate p... Figures (resin) Catalogue £11.50 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72364
1:72 Dassault SMB-2 Super Mystere Fighter Pilot + Two Ground Crew (Israel Air Force) (designed to be used with Special Hobby kits) This set portrays an IAF pilot sitting in the cockpit and chatting with two members of the ground crew" one of who is standing on the wing, holding on the top fuselage while the other is standing on the ground beside the plane. IAF airmen figure sets are quite scarce on the market, so our set is a ... Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.20 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48363
1:48 US pilot with full pressure suit (for Lockheed SR-71, U-2 and other planes) (designed to be used with Academy, Airfix and Italeri kits) The set contains a standing figure of a pilot in a high altitude, full pressure suit, with a flying helmet under his arm and a portable oxygen supply box in the other. The figure can be used with such aircraft as the X-15, U-2, SR-71 and some others which were flown at altitudes requiring the ... Figures (resin) Catalogue £7.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48357
1:48 Siebel Si-204/Aero C-3 Mechanic (engine repair) Resin figure of a mechanic fixing a Siebel Si204/Aero C-3A power plant. The mechanic has an oilcan ready as well as a toolbox. The master of this figure has been sculpted based on a period photo and the resulting pose is thus very realistic and natural looking. The figure can be used as either a Luftwaffe or a Czechoslovak mechanic as the post-war Czechoslovak air force personnel... Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.40 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48361
1:48 North-American P-51D Mustang Pilot ETO, Seated (designed to be used with Eduard kits) Amazing figure of a P-51D pilot which has been designed to snugly fit into the new Eduard's Mustang, which we must gladly admit is simply excellent. The figure is cast one piece with the pilot's seat but its arms are cast as separate parts. The left hand lies on the throttle, the right one holds the control stick. The pilot wears standard gea... Figures (resin) Catalogue £8.80 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF35167
1:35 German (WWII) Soldiers with Panzerschreck x 2 figures Figures (resin) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72362
1:72 German WWI Airmen - pilot (H.G.) in flight suit, pilot in uniform and mechanic. A trio of standing figures, two officers and a mechanic of the Imperial German Air Service. One of the officers bears striking resemblance to Hermann Goering and wears his flying suit, the second of the officers is in the uniform and the mechanic is portrayed in workwear. Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.20 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48358
1:48 Siebel Si-204/Aero C-3 Airman (cleaning canopy glazing) This set offers a resin figure of a ground crew member portrayed while polishing the nose glazing of a Siebel Si 204 / Aero C-3A aircraft. The airman stands on a pair of steps with a bucket put beside him. The master pattern was designed on a period photograph, hence the very natural and realistic-looking pose of the figure. Can be used as either a German Luftwaffe o... Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.40 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48359
1:48 Siebel Si-204/Aero C-3 Rigger (prop maintenance)(designed to be used with Special Hobby kits) A resin figure of a mechanic (or a rigger, to be more precise) maintaining and adjusting the propeller unit of a Siebel Si 204/Aero C-3A aeroplane. The rigger is posed by the prop with one hand holding a prop blade and the other one cleaning the oil leaking from the spinner. The sculptor of this set was closely inspired by a period ph... Figures (resin) Catalogue £8.80
Out of Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48292
1:48 Commonwealth WWII Fighter Pilot in a Spitfire Seat for 1/48 Eduard Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII/Mk.IX/Mk.XVI (designed to be used with Eduard kits) Figures (resin) Catalogue £8.80 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48360
1:48 Saab 'Viggen' Ground Crew (2 figs.) A pair of ground crew" mechanics to come with your 1/48 'Viggen' model. One of the figures is portrayed standing upright wearing earmuffs while the other one is crouching beneath the machine. (designed to be used with Special Hobby and Tarangus kits) [SK-37 AJ-37 AJSH/SH-37 SH-37/SF-37] Figures (resin) Catalogue £12.40 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48275
1:48 U.S. WWII Tank Commander. Resin figure of a WWII U.S. soldier comes with stunning details. The left arm is a separate piece while the right hand, cast together with the body, is resting in the soldier's pocket. He is wearing a zipped up jacket and a helmet on his head. Figures (resin) Catalogue £8.80 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF72353
1:72 Vickers Wellington Mk.IA/Mk.IC rew Pre-flight Check (designed to be used with Airfix kits) A Wellington crew of three comes in this set, the pilot portrayed sitting in his seat, leaning out of the window and chatting leisurely with the other crew member standing beneath the machine, holding his chute. The third aircrew is leaning against the fuselage bulkhead peering into the cockpit. These three figures have been meticulously... Figures (resin) Catalogue £9.20 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF32356
1:32 2 x Luftwaffe Ground Crew Pulling Fieseler Fi-103/V-1 on Trolley (Figures only) (designed to be used with Special Hobby kits) To accompany our Fieseler Fi 103/ V-1 a SH32074 Fi 103A-1/ Re 4 Reichenberg model kits, our designers have sculpted two Luftwaffe ground crew member figures who are, in quite a relaxed manner, pulling a trolley with the V1 missile. This set can be utilized in a differend kind of diorama, too. Figures (resin) Catalogue £20.20 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF48279
1:48 German WWII Tank Commander German tank commander cast resin figure offering an exceptional detail and comes in one piece. The commander, standing in the tank turret, wears a cap on his head and his hands are leaning against the turret armour. Figures (resin) Catalogue £8.80 - In Stock
CMK/Czech Master Kits CMF35202
1:35 Bell AH-1 Cobra pilots x 2 standing figures (designed to be used with Academy, Italeri and MRC kits)[AH-1W AH-1Z AH-1T] Figures (resin) Catalogue £19.80 - In Stock