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Hataka HTK-AS113
No Scale Modern Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm set 1 Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS111
No Scale Yakovlev Yak-38/Yak-38M "Forger" standard colours of Yak-38 fleet in Soviet Navy service. Yak-38 colours. Yak-38 camouflage. Yak-38 "Forger" (initially known as Yak-36M) was the only VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft that entered operational service in the Soviet Naval Aviation. It was designed in late-1960s/early-1970s, 231 airframes (143 Yak-38, 38 Yak-38U and 50 modernized Yak-38M) were built and served till ... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS98
No Scale British SAR Service paint set vol. 1 x 8 acrylic paints for airbrushing. For many years military and civil search and rescue role on the UK waters was shared between RAF Search and Rescue Force (a successor to RAF Air Sea Rescue Services, renamed after 1986 when last RAF Marine Branch vessels were retired), the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm and HM Coastguard. RAF SAR Force operated Westland Whirlwind HAR.2/4/10, Westland Wessex H... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS110
No Scale "Mid-War Luftwaffe paint set"" RED LINE In early 1941 a new camouflage scheme of RLM 74+75/76 (with mottling in RLM 02, 70 or 74) was introduced onto Luftwaffe day fighters (the early scheme of RLM 70+71/65 remained in use on other aircraft types) and was widely used till gradual phase out in mid-1944. RLM 65 was officially kept as an additional colour (or maybe a substitute for RLM 76). Luftwaffe night aircraft initially wo... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS87
No Scale British AAC Helicopters paint set x 8 acrylic paints for airbrushing. Since early 1970s the Army Air Corps (AAC) used several painting schemes on its helicopters fleet. Initial BS Olive Drab + Black scheme was used well into 1990s, when a new scheme of BS Olive Green + BS Medium Sea Grey was introduced. The latter is still in use on Lynx AH.7/9s and Bell 212s, parallel to US Army Helicopter Drab (FS34031) used on Apache AH.1 f... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS108
No Scale Modern Australian Army AFV paint set Standard colours of Australian AFVs since 1950s In 1967 the Australian Army introduced it's own variant of Olive Drab as a base colour of all vehicles. It was widely used till late 1980s and introduction of the Dispersal Pattern Camouflage (DPC) more commonly known as AUSCAM (gradually applied over the 1990s). One of the exceptions was use of RAL6014 (original factory colour) on Leopa... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS104
No Scale Early Sukhoi Su-27S/Su-27P/Su-27UB "Flanker-B/C" paint set Standard colours of Su-27 fleet in early service The Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker is a twin-engine multirole fighter (S version) / pure fighter-interceptor aircraft (P version). First prototype of T10-1 (Sukhoi internal designation) flew in May 1977. The production Su-27S "Flanker-B" began to enter Soviet AF service in 1985, while the twin-seater Su-27UB ("Flanker-C") appea... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS105
No Scale Mikoyan MiG-29A/MiG-29UB 4-colour scheme paint set. Although majority of MiG-29s in Warsaw Pact countries' AFs service wore the standard greyish green / grey scheme, it was not the case in Czechoslovakia and East Germany. Czechoslovakia received 18 MiG-29A (product 9.12A) and 2 MiG-29UB (product 9.51) - all in 4-colour camo scheme. After split of Czechoslovakia in 1992 MiG-29s were evenly divided between the Czech Republic and... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS107
No Scale WW2 Dutch AF paint set vol. 1 The Dutch air forces were officially established in 1913 under the name of Luchtvaartafdeling (LVA, "the Aviation Department). In those early years majority of LVA's aircraft wore a simple green (LVA Khaki) over blue (LVA Blue) scheme, with trainers in overall LVA Blue. Underfunded in the interwar period, LVA started rebuilding process only in 1938. At the beginning of WW2 LVA operated appx. 120 c... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS103
No Scale Italian Air Force Paint set WWII vol. 1 The Aeronautica Nazionale Republicana (ANR) was the air force of the Italian Social Republic (the Republic of Salē) that existed from start of German occupation of Italy in 09/1943 until the end of WW2. It operated aircraft both of Italian (including Macchi M.C.205 Veltro and Fiat G.55 Centauro) and German origin. Whereas the German types mostly wore the standard Luftwaffe camouflage, t... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS106
No Scale WW2 Italian AFV paint set Standard colours of Italian military vehicles during WW2 The Royal Italian Army entered the WW2 with two basic painting schemes of AFVs - overall Grey-Green (first in dark, later in light version) and overall Red-Brown (Rosso Ruggine or Terracota) used mostly on Ansaldo vehicles. Both were often covered with shapes of green or red-brown. Vehicles sent to Africa were first repainted to Saharian K... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS102
No Scale RAF Bomber Command paint set. Standard colours of RAF bomber force during WW2 Starting from 1939 majority of RAF Bomber Command aircraft wore a version of Temperate Land Scheme with either Sky "Type S" (light bombers, mid-1940 to mid-1942) or Night (heavy bombers, 1939 till mid-1942) undersides. Unlike the Fighter Command, which after 1941 switched to more offensive camouflage, the Bomber Command stuck to original "sand and... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS101
No Scale "Modern Swedish AF paint set vol. 1" Early Swedish AF jet fighters (incl. Saab 29 Tunnan) wore overall natural metal livery and were to be camouflaged only in case of war. In early 1960s tests were carried out to find appropriate colours for Saab 35 Draken, as the standard olive green (Green Drab, 325M) commonly used at that time (incl. on Saab 32 Lansen) was considered too light. In 1964 the "2-colour" camouflage (328M + 438... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 Out of Stock
Hataka HTK-AS12
No Scale Israeli Air Force/IAF paint set (1970's desert colours) 6 acrylic paints for airbrushing. The set contains standard colours used by Israeli Air Force from July 1967 till late 1970s in so called "1970's desert scheme". The four-colour camouflage covered by the set was introduced after the Six-Day War, when the long used brown and blue over grey scheme of IAF aircraft was regarded as not appropriate for operations over Sinai, an... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS15
No Scale Swiss Air Force Paint Set (WWII period) 8 acrylic paints for airbrushing. As a response to growing political tension in Europe in late 1930s, in order to replace overall aluminium / silver liveries of majority of Swiss military aircraft, Muster 38 ("pattern 38") camouflage scheme was developed by Swiss AF and officially introduced in May 1938. With delivery of first BF-109s in early 1939 a German-origin scheme of RLM 70/71/65 ... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS16
No Scale Early WWII French Air Force paint set. 6 acrylic paints for airbrushing. In late 1938 the French Air Ministry issued an instruction on camouflage of all land-based aircraft. Those already in service were painted during 1939, while the new ones received factory scheme. The colours applied could be different depending on the manufacturer - in general Light Blue Grey (Gris Blue Clair) was used on lower surfaces, with a mix of Dar... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS20
No Scale Late WWII Soviet Air Force paint set. 6 acrylic paints for airbrushing. The Soviet Air Force) used a fascinating variety of color shades during World War II combat" from early paints used until 1941, mid-war colours used from 1941 till 1943, to late war colors from 1943 till 1945. Due to extensive operations in winter zone, VVS was also a heavy user of various temporary winter-camouflage techniques. Hataka Hobby has proudly ... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS69
No Scale WWII Imperial Japanese Army AFV paint set. 8 acrylic paints for airbrushing. The Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) until 1942 (according to most sources) used a colorful camouflage consisting of IJA Khaki (base colour) with disruptive shapes of IJA Tea Brown (to some extent also used as a base colour), IJA Olive Green and IJA Earth Brown. Many vehicles also wore a yellow disruptive stripe (usually claimed to be a bright yellow, but... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS74
No Scale Modern Brazilian AF paint set volume 1. 6 acrylic paints for airbrushing. Since 1990s the Brazilian AF has used couple of "grey" schemes: the "Aerial Defense Grey" was used on 1st/14th Fighter Squadron "Pampa" F-5s from 1990 till 2005. The "Two Tone Grey" was used on EMB T-27 Tucano and AMX International A-1A/B up until 2005, while the Brazilian "big-birds" are still wearing the overall "Grey Scheme" of FS36473. The recent "Ne... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £16.30 - In Stock
Hataka HTK-AS86
No Scale Russian Air Force Helicopters paint set volume 1. 8 acrylic paints for airbrushing. Although part of post-soviet helicopters operated by the Russian AF still wears a mix of various colour schemes gained during gradual overhauls in many workshops, in early 2010s a new standard scheme of overall dark grey was successfully introduced on most types including Mi-8/17 family, Mi-26 heavy transports and Mi-24/35, Mi-28 and Ka-52 atta... Paint, Acrylic 17ml Catalogue £21.70 - In Stock