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Squadron Signal SQS25055
No Scale Saab JA-37 'Viggen' Walk Around Aircraft books Catalogue £16.99 Out of Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10219
No Scale Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (in action series)[B-17E B-17F B-17G] Aircraft books Catalogue £11.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS5604
No Scale USS Pampanito by Robert C. Stern (Walk Around Series) Ship books Catalogue £15.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10238
No Scale Re-printed! Douglas A-20 HAVOC IN ACTION Doyle. The Douglas A-20 Havoc was a light bomber, attack, and intruder aircraft of World War II. Used by the American Army Air Forces, nearly one-third of the aircraft served with the Soviet military, while many other A-20s fought with the RAF. Taking its first operational shape on the eve of the outbreak of the war in Europe, the 7B prototype actually crashed with a French observer abo... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10242
No Scale Re-printed! Douglas A-26 Invader (In Action Series) A-26/B-26 Invader In Action. Book by David Doyle. Squadron Signal Books. The Douglas A-26 Invader served the United States with distinction in various combat roles during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Originally created as an attack aircraft, with the designation A-26, the Invader was designed to replace the A-20 Havoc, North-American B-25 Mitchell and the Martin B-26 Mara... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10239
No Scale Re-released! Convair B-58 Hustler (In Action Series) Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10246
No Scale Re-released! Douglas A-1 Skyraider (In Action Series) David Doyle. Originally designated AD and later A-1, the 1944-designed Skyraider was conceived and bought by the U.S. Navy as a carrier-borne attack aircraft, and saw combat as such in Korea and Vietnam. During the latter of those conflicts, the U.S. Air Force obtained and used Navy-surplus Skyraiders, as did the South Vietnamese air force. Other nations continued to fly th... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10228
No Scale Re-printed! Consolidated B-24 Liberator (in action series) The B-24 Liberator, produced by four different firms, in five different plants, was built in greater quantities than any other WWII bomber. Operated by the U.S. Army Air Force, and U.S. Navy on all fronts during the Second World War, and supplied to the British Commonwealth nations, the 18,482 Liberators took the war to the Axis doorstep. Lavishly illustrated with almo... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10263
No Scale Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk in Action (soft cover) UH-60 Black Hawk In Action - In January of 1972, a request for proposals or RFP was issued to lay out the guidelines for a new utility helicopter to replace the Bell UH-1 Iroquois type. The “Huey" had served admirably in the Vietnam Conflict, but it lacked engine power, was vulnerable to small-arms fire, and was limited in lifting/transporting heavy external payloads. Under t... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10227
None Re-printed! Boeing B-29 Superfortress (In Action series) (soft back) The B-29 Superfortress was the most advanced production aircraft in the world when it took to the air for the first time in September 1942. While most often remembered as the type of aircraft that dropped the first atomic bomb, and for its extensive use in bombing Japan during the latter stages of World War II, the B-29 also saw plenty of combat during the Ko... Aircraft books Catalogue £11.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10262
No Scale M911 & M10770 HET Heavy Equipment Transporters in Action Under the best of circumstance, driving tanks to the battlefield, often called ‘road marches’ are extraordinarily inefficient. Tanks consume vast amounts of fuel, provide relatively poor visibility, and perhaps most importantly, are incredibly maintenance intensive. Driving tanks for hours on end puts a great deal of strain and wear on a number of expensive components (a... Military vehicle books Catalogue £14.99 Out of Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10221
No Scale Re-printed! North-American B-25 Mitchell (In Action series) by David Doyle [B-25B B-25C B-25D B-25J] Aircraft books Catalogue £13.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS2048
No Scale Re-printed! WWII U.S.Sherman Tank (In Action Series) by Rob Ervin and David Doyle Military vehicle books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10206
None Grumman F-14 Tomcat (In Action Series) Few types of aircraft owe their celebrity status to Hollywood to the extent that the F-14 Tomcat does, first, with the time-travel Pearl Harbor film The Final Countdown, and later with the hit movie Top Gun. While Hollywood may have cemented the F-14 in the public eye, it was Grumman engineers on Long Island that cemented the aircraft into the mind of naval aviators. When the F-14 was ret... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10247
No Scale McDonnell F-15 Eagle (in Action series) First flying in 1972, the McDonnell-Douglas F-15 Eagle has transitioned from a true air superiority fighter into an all-weather strike aircraft. Thus far, the aircraft has compiled one of the most enviable records of a post-Vietnam fighter, logging over 100 victories and no losses in air to air combat. The bulk of the fighter aircraft operated by the USAF in Vietnam had been conceived du... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS12059
No Scale Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Tank (In Action Series) Though not as celebrated in literature (or propaganda) as the much feared Tiger, the Panther tank was arguably the more effective of Germany’s two World War II-era “cats." Sometimes known as the Panzerkampfwagen V, the Panther was introduced in 1943 as Germany’s new medium tank, intended to replace both the Panzer III and Panzer IV, both of which proved outclassed by the Soviet T-34 an... Military vehicle books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS1200
No Scale Fairey Firefly (In Action Series) Fairey Firefly In Action. Book by W. A. Harrison. Squadron Signal Books. British WWII Naval Fighter that superceded the Fairey Fulmar in the Fleet Air Arm, and remained in British Service into the mid 1950s. Includes the F.1, F.1A, FR.1, NF.1, T.1, TT.1, NF.2, T.2, F.3, T.3, FR.4, TT.4, NF.4, FR.5, NF.5, AS.5, T.5, TT.5, AS.6, TT.6, AS/T.7, T.7D, U.7, T.8, U.8, and U.9 variants. Also covers Fi... Aircraft books Catalogue £11.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS1224
No Scale Republic F-84 Thunderjet (in action series) F-84 Thunderjet in Action. Book by Larry Davis. Squadron Signal Books. Entering service in 1947, Republic Aviation's F-84 was the primary strike aircraft of the US Air Force during the Korean War. Thunderjets flew 86,408 missions during the conflict and took out 60 percent of the ground targets eliminated by American forces. In addition, 8 Soviet-built MiG fighters met their end than... Aircraft books Catalogue £11.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS14035
No Scale Schnellboot (In Action Series) Schnellboot in Action. Book by David L. Krakow. Squadron Signal Books. Larger, faster and more powerful than Allied counterparts, the Schnellboot was perhaps the best motor torpedo boat of WWII. Unlike mass-produced Allied boats, Germany spared no expense in equipping the Schnellboot with the speed, protection, maneuverability and firepower to strike and survive in increasingly hostile seas. Oper... Ship books Catalogue £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS27031
No Scale Diamond T 4-ton truck (Walk Around Series) [968 969 972 968A] Military vehicle books Catalogue £16.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS27026
No Scale M551 Sheridan Tank (Walk Around Series) Military vehicle books Catalogue £16.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10229
No Scale Douglas F3D Skyknight (in action series) [EF-10B/F3D-2T2 F3D-2] Aircraft books Catalogue £11.99 Out of Stock
Squadron Signal SQS25056
No Scale Supermarine Spitfire (MERLIN VARIANT) Walk Around Aircraft books Catalogue £16.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10251
No Scale Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk In Action Series (now out of print so be quick!) First introduced in the mid-1980s, the U.S. Navy’s Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk helicopter fulfills a wide range of functions from combat to providing relief to populations stricken by natural disasters. Based on the U.S. Army’s UH-60 Black Hawk, and developed in accordance with the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System or LAMPS concept of helicopters that extend... Aircraft books Catalogue £14.99 Out of Stock
Squadron Signal SQS12060
No Scale M60 Main Battle Tank (In Action Series) David Doyle. The M60 Main Battle Tank was conceived as the successor to the M48 Patton with the hope that it would prove a better adversary to the Soviet T-54A. Introduced in 1959, the 105mm-armed M60, and its variants, the M60A1 and M60A3, remained in production into 1987, forming the backbone of the U.S. armored force until it was supplanted by the M1 Abrams. In addition to the convent... Military vehicle books Catalogue £14.99 Out of Stock