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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5006
1:72 Martin-Boeing XMS-1. Original Dyna-Soar configuration. In 1945, millions of German military documents were confiscated by USAAF. One of the concept was the Sanger aerospace bomber. During post-war years, Bell was selected for further studies on rocket-bomber which named BoMi. In 1956, the USAF channeled Bell's development to a reconnaissance, bombardment vehicle. A competition for a prototype was opened. In 1959, Boeing won th... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £97.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2078
1:72 Martin Titan II/SM-68B ICBM. In 1955, while the first U.S. ICBM Atlas was developed, the U.S.A.F. served a backup in case the Atlas ran fail. It was decided to develop a complete second ICBM system. Martin was awarded a contract for this backup ICBM, designated XB-68/XSM-68 Titan I. Even as the first Titan I were rolling off the assembly line, the Air Force was searching for a way to improve the Titan I after the Soviet Sputni... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £67.99 - In Stock
Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2065
1:72 Convair Atlas-A/-B/-D/X-11/X-12/XB-65/SM-65B/CGM-16D 1st ICBM. In October 1945, U.S. Army issued supersonic missile requirement to the industries which received many military missiles technical papers from Nazi Germany. In 1946, Convair submitted several proposals and was received funding for the MX-774 rocket study. In 1949, Soviet detonated its first nuclear weapon, U.S.A.F. gave highest priority to Convair to develop a more... Space kits (resin) Catalogue £57.99 - In Stock