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Italeri IT3648
1:24 Porsche 956 The Porsche 956 was built by the German manufacturer in 1982 to participate in the World Sport-Prototype Championship in the new Group C category. The “956" was a radical revolution compared to the previous Porsche 936 that won several competition between 1976 and 1981. Porsche to be comply with the new championship’s regulations introduced on the new “956" several technical innovations as the aerodynamic solutions... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3660
1:24 Land Rover Fire Truck The Land Rover was certainly one of the most famous symbols of "Made in England" automobile production and is a real milestone in the history of off-road vehicles. It was born immediately after the war, with the first prototypes realized on 1947. It has been characterized by the 4x4 traction system and by a robust and reliable design able to tackle the most difficult and challenging trails. The aluminium ... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £34.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3645
1:24 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL was produced in 1954 by the German car manufacturer and it’s a masterpiece on four-wheels for design, elegance and luxury. The 300 SL, where the acronym stands for Sport Leicht, (Sport Light), adopted innovative solutions for the time. The Mercedes 2 door coupe had a tubular frame, a front 2.996 cc longitudinal engine connected to a 4-speed transmission and the rear drive. ... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3929
1:24 Tecnokar 20 Tank Trailer NEW MOULDS - CONTAINS PHOTO-ETCHED FRET The 20' Tecnokar Tank trailer is designed to ensure the highest level of efficiency in the liquid and fluid transport. The sturdy steel frame, on a three-axle system, made by the Italian Company, is able to load a 20' tank ideal to be used in the container intermodal logistic. It can well satisfy the need of complex and integrated logistic companies that adopt... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £54.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3647
1:24 Fiat 500 (2007 Model) COLOR INSTRUCTIONS SHEET - CHROMED PARTS In 2007, the Fiat Group presented the successor to the most iconic car of Italian automotive production: the Fiat 500. The new model features a distinctive design and interesting retro-style as modern reinterpretation of the “classic" Fiat 500 launched on the market in 1957. Thanks to its unique design, the adoption of the most innovative technological and safet... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £27.50 - In Stock
Italeri IT3947
1:24 Scania R400 Streamline (Flat Roof). SUPER DECALS FOR 2 VERSIONS - CHROMED ADHESIVE - COLOR INSTRUCTION SHEET The Scania R-series Streamline is designed to meet the highest demands in terms of fuel economy, driver comfort and reliability. The unique style of the exterior is combined with new exceptional interiors offer exceptional driver comfort and a wide range of choices of colors and materials. Available with both V8 engi... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £54.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3940
1:24 VOLVO FH4 GLOBETROTTER XL 100% New Moulds Fully detailed interiors - Fully detailed engine and frame - Open or closed driver door - Chromed adhesive - Photo etched parts - Color instructions sheet The Volvo FH is the highest expression, in terms of development and technology, of the famous commercial and industrial vehicles brand. Its modern and eye-catching design has been made to optimize aerodynamics, to minimize cons... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £65.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3703
1:24 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Car kits (injection) Catalogue £22.50 - In Stock
Italeri IT3923
1:24 Volvo F-16 Globetrotter About ten years after the release of the F-12, and because of its success with it, in 1988 Volvo launched the new F-16 with its state of-the-art features. Equipped with heavy-duty chassis, the truck features extensive hauling capacity, low fuel consumption and high travel comfort combined with a reliable and powerful engine which made it a leader in its category. The characteristics of its 6 cylinder tu... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £49.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT0764
1:24 Truck Accessories #1 Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £22.50 - In Stock
Italeri IT3642
1:24 Audi Quattro Rally SUPER DECALS SHEET - COLOR INSTRUCTION SHEET In 1980, during the Geneva Motor Show, the German car manufacturer presented to the public its new two-door coupé called Audi Quattro. Produced for all the '80s the Italian name chosen by Audi (Quattro is the Italian word for “four") ine was pointed out the main feature and the most important selling point : the four-wheel drive. It was the first time that the ... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3943
1:24 Mercedes-Benz 2238 6x4 SUPER DECALS FOR 2 VERSIONS Mercedes Benz uses as their flagship the heavy duty long range truck 2238 6 x 4. The truck has both rear axles driven and a total of 375 horsepower. Il is the heaviest Mercedes long distance truck and established new dimensions in international long distance traffic. The new features of the engine OM422 allow a particularly economic driving. The gear changes are reduced to ... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £54.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3907
1:24 Volvo FH16 520 Sleeper Cab Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £49.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3821
1:24 Volvo FH-16 Globetrotter XL Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £49.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3649
1:24 Lamborghini Miura Jota SVJ Car kits (injection) Catalogue £27.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3653
1:24 Alfa Romeo Giuletta Spider 1600 COLORS INSTRUCTIONS SHEET - DETAILED ENGINE - CHROME PARTS AND HOOD FOR CLOSED VERSION Icon of elegance and style, the Giulietta Spider was built by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo between 1955 and 1962. It was developed and designed on the Sprint chassis. The design was characterized by sober and elegant lines typical of the Italian "cabrio" cars of the time. The Giulietta Spider adopte... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3651
1:24 Renault 5 Alpine The Renault 5 is a real icon of the French automotive World. The small car, developed by Renault, was produced from the beginning of the ‘70s to the first half of the ‘80s and it rapidly achieved an extraordinary commercial success in several Countries. The most relevant success factor was a very good mix between functionality, appealing design, reliability and smartness. From the chassis of the Renault 5 was ... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £25.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3662
1:24 Fiat 131 Abarth Rally The Fiat 131 Abarth was built on the frame of the two-door Fiat sedan. The development made by Abarth considered several modifications and improvements starting from the reduction of the body weight using lighter materials. Then some new fenders, to permit the adoption of larger wheels, were installed and new air-intakes on the hood and on the sides to optimize the cooling of the mechanics were designed. ... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3939
1:24 IVECO Turbostar 190.42 Canvas Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £54.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3657
1:24 Ford Transit Mk.II Police Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3650
1:24 Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk.II Lombard RAC Rally The Ford Escort Mk 2 was launched in 1975. It was a significant evolution compared to the Escort Mk 1 that debuted at Brussels Motor Show in January 1968. It used the reliable mechanical components as the Mk 1 but adopted a new design based on a squared-style look able to be in line with the aesthetic and stylistic taste of the 70s. In addition to the more classic version, it was al... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3937
1:24 Scania T143H 6x2 COLORS INSTRUCTIONS SHEET - SUPER DECALS SHEET FOR 2 VERSIONS The Scania T143H 6x2 is a strong, reliable truck which is used for hauling heavy loads over long distances. The V8 engine is Europe’s strongest and most reliable truckengine, which makes high speeds possible at a low fuel consumption. The R-type cab with its rounded edges and slanted windscreen has been developed in a windtunnel. It also meets the ... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £54.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3661
1:24 Range Rover Police The Range Rover Classic can be considered a milestone in the history of off-road vehicles. It was produced in numerous variants and versions from 1970 to 1996. It was the first vehicle produced under the "Range Rover" brand and from 1981 it was available in the two- or four-door version. Thanks to its 4x4 traction and its sturdy structure, simple for construction but very reliable, the Range Rover was able t... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £34.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3685
1:24 Lamborghini Diablo Car kits (injection) Catalogue £25.99 - In Stock
Italeri IT3941
1:24 Renault AE5000 Magnum (2001) Since the date of introduction on the market, in the 1990s, the industrial vehicles Renault Magnum range obtained a rapid commercial success with a lot of units sold. In 2001 the French Company presented a new version characterized by an extensive restilyng with a lot of improvement and changes, such as a new grill, a new roof spoiler, and a modified dashboard. The imporvemnts were realised to have... Truck and trailer kits (injection) Catalogue £59.99 - In Stock