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Das Werk DW35004
1:35 Mk103 / 38 Flakvierling. The Mk103/38 was a late-war, four-gun installation of the Mk103 3cm gun from Rheinmetall Borsig. The Mk103 was an electrically fired, recoil and gas-operated automatic cannon designed to be used as a dual-purpose weapon against air and ground targets. The Mk103 had a rate of fire of 280 rounds per minute using high explosive (HE) rounds, and 420 rounds per minute when firing Armor Piercing rounds. The ... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £13.95 - In Stock
Das Werk DW35007
1:35 Panzerkleinzerstorer 'Rutscher' Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
Das Werk DW35003
1:35 Faun L900 incl. SdAh 115 Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £69.00 - In Stock