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Revell RV3999
1:450 Boeing 747-200 KLM Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £4.99 - In Stock
Revell RV4954
1:100 Bell AH-1G Cobra A model construction kit of the first series production version of the Cobra combat helicopter. - Rotatable main rotor - Mini-gun in the nose - Missile pods Authentic decal set for following version: - AH 1G, Vietnam, Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, 1967 Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
Revell RV5699
1:72 Black Pearl Pirate Ship A model construction kit of the legendary Black Pearl the ship commanded by Captain Jack Sparrow in the film series PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. In the fifth part SALAZAR'S REVENGE , Jack faces the fearsome Captain Salazar, who wants to kill every pirate on the open sea's. - Rigging yarn for static and moving rigging - Structured sails - Wooden structured deck's - Structured hull halves - Two anchor... Ship kits, full hull (injection) Catalogue £119.99 - In Stock
Revell RV6722
Unknown ARC-170 Fighter Fully Painted Snap Model Kit!. Star Wars . Film, Science Fiction or TV related Catalogue £6.50 - In Stock
Revell RV3258
1:35 Leopard 1A1 MBT Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Revell RV5696
1:72 100 Years RAF: British Legends This set contains model construction kits of the most well known British aircraft of the Second World War. The highly manoeuvrable Spitfire, as indeed the second fighter aircraft the Hurricane belong to the then most prolific aircraft in the world. The four engine Avro Lancaster entered service at the end of 1941 and during the Second World War flew a total of over 156,000 missions. - Finely d... Gift Sets with Glue & Paint (surface) Catalogue £36.99 - In Stock
Revell RV5147
1:72 PT-109 Patrol Torpedo Boat New Tool Ship kits, full hull (injection) Catalogue £22.99 Out of Stock
Revell RV39101
None Airbrush Spray Gun standard class Airbrushes, accessories and spares Catalogue £49.99 - In Stock
Revell RV7035
1:24 VW Beetle German Police/Polizei A model construction kit of the famous VW Beetle in the configuration used by the German Police. - Three different beacons - Optional loudspeaker included - Opening engine cover Instructions and decal set for two versions each with two different liveries: - Police Bruehl 2009 - Police Museum Marburg 1990 - Police Mainz / Wiesbaden 1972 - Police Neuss 1974 Car kits (injection) Catalogue £22.99 - In Stock
Revell RV3139
1:72 TPz 1 'Fuchs' Eloka 'Hummel'/ABC Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £12.99 - In Stock
Revell RV7438
1:24 Unimog U1300L "Winter Service" snow plough. The all-wheel drive Unimog has been produced in many variants, including for service in mountainous regions, fitted with a specially designed front-end snow plough, rear mounted hopper and spreader plate. Revell’s model recreates this version to perfection with a Schmidt snow plough, grit silo and spreader plate assembly. The cab features opening doors to show off the detailed inter... Civilian vehicles (injection) Catalogue £49.99 Out of Stock
Revell RV6749
1:400 Build & Play Imperial Star Destroyer. Kit for building and playing of the Imperial Star Destroyer from the film Star Wars: ROGUE ONE . With cool light and sound effects for even more fun: simply put together - glue, paint or tools are not required. Length: approx. 40 cm, 46 parts, suitable for kids age 6 and over. Batteries are included (3x LR44). The wedge-shaped Imperial Star Destroyer is a capital ship bristling with wea... Film, Science Fiction or TV related Catalogue £29.99 Out of Stock
Revell RV7678
1:24 2017 Ford GT (Easy-Click) A basic model construction kit of the 656 bhp super sports car which is extensively based on race sport technology. It is produced as a limited edition model of only 1,000 examples. - Detailed body-work - Plug together parts, no gluing necessary - Rotating wheels - Authentic interior lighting Car kits (injection) Catalogue £29.99 - In Stock
Revell RV00452
1:32 Junkers Ju-88A-4 The Junkers Due Jan 2018 Ju88 was one of the Luftwaffe's standard combat bomber aircraft of the Second World War. The A-4 variant was characterised by a larger wing-span and uprated defensive armament, making it popular with crews. Revell engineers have taken the already popular and highly detailed 1:32 model and have added a pre-programmed electronics module (requires 4x 1.5V AA batteries, not inc.) that r... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £159.00 - In Stock
Revell RV3262
1:72 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger Ausf.H. The Tiger tank was manufactured from 1942 to 1944, during which time it became a legend, much feared by allied tank crews. It was the first tank to mount the 8.8cm KwK cannon, which it used to devastating effect on the battlefield. Revell’s detailed model of this early generation Tiger features a rotating turret, early mark idler wheels and injection-moulded tracks for maximum realism. Age Range: 12+ S... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
Revell RV3270
1:35 Kadett K38 Saloon WWII German Staff Car. As German forces captured more territory during the early stages of WWII, so the need for more vehicles required that civilian car designs were adapted for military service, particularly as staff cars for officers. Revell’s model features a multi-part body so that doors and panels can be positioned opened to show off the extensive engine and interior detailing, plus all chassis parts ar... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
Revell RV3914
1:32 Polikarpov I-16 type 24 . The Polikarpov I-16 ‘Rata’ (Rat) was the only Soviet fighter that was available in large numbers at the start of WWII and provided valuable service until 1943, when it was largely replaced. First introduced in 1933, this revolutionary aircraft was also a veteran of the Spanish Civil War, where it fought alongside Republican forces. Revell’s model features a detailed radial engine, cockpit and undercar... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £36.99 - In Stock
Revell RV00450
1:16 1951/52 VW (VW/Volkswagen) Beetle Technik Series With more than 21 million produced from 1938 to 2003, the original VW Beetle ranks as one of the most important vehicles in the history of the automobile. Originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche, its lineage is clear to see and the Beetle remains a motoring icon to this day! It’s therefore no surprise that Revell have chosen this car to launch its new TECHNIC range. Ta... Car kits (injection) Catalogue £129.00 - In Stock
Revell RV3897
1:72 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb. The Supermarine Spitfire went through many changes during WWII, with some of the Mk. V series incorporating the Merlin 45 series engine and ‘b’ type wing, replacing 2 of the 6 .303 machine guns, with 2 Hispano cannons, making this an even more formidable fighter! Revell’s model features a detailed cockpit, undercarriage and fine surface textures. Auxiliary fuel tanks are also included. Age Rang... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £6.99 - In Stock
Revell RV3905
1:72 Lockheed-Martin F-16 MLU "70th Anniversary" Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £19.99 - In Stock
Revell RV3308
1:76 Challenger 1 The British Army's Challenger 1 main battle tank was first introduced in 1983. Characterised by a 120mm main gun, hydropneumatic suspension that gave it outstanding cross-country performance and ‘Chobham’ armour that made it one of the most survivable tanks of its time, Challenger 1’s baptism of fire came during the first Gulf War (operation ‘Granby’) in 1991. Revell’s model features a revolving turret, detailed h... Military vehicle kits (injection) Catalogue £12.99 - In Stock
Revell RV4959
1:32 McDonnell F-4G Phantom II Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £59.99 - In Stock
Revell RV5606
1:96 USS United States. A challenging model construction kit of an American war ship from the year 1797. With its outstanding sailing characteristics and heavy armament of 44 guns, it clearly outclassed all comparable ships of the time. - Structured two part hull - Representation of brass plating below the waterline - Deck with a wooden look - Detailed superstructure - Authentic sails including studding sails - Ships cannon... Ship kits, full hull (injection) Catalogue £89.99 - In Stock
Revell RV7034
1:24 Porsche Panamera 2 New Tool Car kits (injection) Catalogue £22.99 - In Stock
Revell RV3944
1:32 North-American P-51D Mustang New Tool! The P-51D Mustang is one of the most extraordinary and effective combat aircraft of World War II. It proved itself to be a very versatile weapon for long-distance escort duties, as well as in the ground support role. Revell’s new-tool model of the early-version variant features a fully detailed cockpit with a choice of seats, two different exhaust systems, detailed oil radiator and under... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £36.99 - In Stock