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Azur AZUR4532
1:32 Curtiss-Hawk H-75A-1 / H-75A-3 Hawk in French Service Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £51.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11372
1:72 Back in stock! Vought V-156F Vindicator in Aeronavale Service' U.S. Navy realized that the biplanes era is over in the 1930s. That time phenomenon, the cantilever monoplane with retractable undercarriage offered much higher performances compared to the conventional biplanes. This convinced the officials to issue new SB category (Scout Bomber) competition. The bomber role was in this case the dive bombing role. The competition ... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £17.99 - In Stock
Azur AZUR5948
1:48 Potez 63-11 Very successful French series of Potez 63 were in the beginning of the WWII one of the best twin engined fighter aircraft in the whole World. Upon request by the French Air Force the new special reconnaissance version with new fuselage was developed, re-designated Potez 63-11 It served not even in French Air Force but also as a war prize in Germany, Italy and Romania. It also appeared in Free French Air Force with ... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £38.20 - In Stock
Azur AZUR10272
1:72 PZL P.24A / P-24C Turkish Air Force. PZL P.24 fighter was a great export success of Polish national company PZL P. Prior the 2nd World War PZL Co. succeeded in exporting these all metal high wing monoplane (sometimes called Pulawski or gull wing) aircraft to several air forces. Both Romania and Turkey also license produced PZL P.24s. Compared to Polish Air Force standard PZL P.11 machines, modern PZL P.24 featured higher perfo... Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £15.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR6132
1:32 Caudron C.714C.1 Decals French Air Force Groupe De Chassee 1/145 Decals included contain markings for 4 machines used by 2nd Lt. Zukowski, later famous ace Lt. Gladych, Czech pilot C/C Uher and Cpr. Niewara. Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock
Azur AZUR11272
1:72 PZL P.11c "First Shots" Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £15.80 - In Stock
Azur AZUR9132
1:32 Caudron C.714C.1 with decals for Finland including markings aircraft numbers CA-552, CA-555 and CA-556 Aircraft kits (injection) Catalogue £40.50 - In Stock