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Special Hobby SH48062
1:48 Piasecki H-21 'Flying Banana' The US Piasecki H-21 twin rotor helicopter was used by many air forces all over the world. It also served for civilian roles. Vietnam War era decals offer 5 version of colour schemes, from standard Hi-visibility to the field applied 3-tone camouflage. The kit contains five sprues with grey plastic parts, one sprue with clear parts, resin and photo-etched parts. Rotor heads are cast from white meta... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £44.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48018
1:48 Nardi FN.305 Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £19.40 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48091
1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VC Czechoslovak Squadrons. Except for the standard photo-etched sheet we filled in the already highly detailed Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VC kit with new resin parts for both interior and exterior. We also prepared new decal sheet that survey the service of Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VC with the Czechoslovakian squadrons in RAF. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VCs served in all three Czechoslovakian squadrons from 19... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £26.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48103
1:48 Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-6 'Early Sturmbirds' Luftwaffe's urgent need of armoured fighters capable of attacking the bomber boxes arose when U.S. B-17E Flying Fortress es were deployed over Europe in 1943. Therefore Sturmstaffel 1 was established in Dortmund; the first unit purely destined to attack the bombers only. It was equipped with Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-6 with side and canopy armour plates. We enhanced Eduard's Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £29.30 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48175
1:48 Heinkel He-178V-1 The Heinkel He-178V-1 is arguably one of the world"s pioneering aircraft designs. It became the very first aircraft to be powered solely by means of a jet engine. The engine designed by Hans von Ohain enabled the diminutive wood-winged aircraft with metal fuselage to reach a speed of up to 650km/h. On August 24, 1939, the taxiing trials of the aircraft were commenced and only three days later, an HeS-3b engin... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £10.70 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72069
1:72 North-American BT-9 / NJ-1. This aircraft was the predecessor of the famous Texan this time versions BT-9 for US Army, NJ-1 for U.S. Navy and Sk-14 for the Swedish Air Force. The kit contains two sprues with plastic parts, vacu canopy and resin optional parts for undercarriage and several other details Decals are for US Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £15.80 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72196
1:72 Fairey Fulmar N1854 'Fulmar Prototype Story' G-AIBE Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £17.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48164
1:48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Post War Foreign Service. Production of the famous british seaplane Walrus was stopped as early as 1944, but the built aircraft were exported to two countries after the war. Their destination was Argentina and also the restored French Navy got some of them. In our limited edition of 500pcs you will find decal sheets for both of these two post-war users. There are decals for Argentinian M-O-9 machine whi... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £38.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH32023
1:32 Curtiss-Hawk H-75 Hawk 'Sussu' Decals Finland In Finland, the H-75 fighter planes were in fact originally French and Norwegian machines which had been captured by German forces. The Finnish Air Force used airframes equipped with the R-1830 power plant as well as the version with the R-1820 both of which saw action against the Soviet Union. The kit caters for one marking option of the R-1830-equipped airframe and one with the R... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £49.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48163
1:48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Air Sea Rescue. Decal options for two Walrus Mk.Is used by RAF (ASR) No.293 Squadron for rescue of the downed pilots at sea. One of the machines sports markings of 23 characters for the successful rescue missions. Both members of this Australian crew (pilot F/LE. J. Holmes and radio operator J. R. Berry) were decorated by DFM for saving many lives. Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £38.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72199
1:72 Nakajima Ki-115 Battle of Tokyo. The kit contains the same sprues as the SH72198 but offers different camouflage options, now in so-called "What-If" schemes. A clear canopy sprue and detailed resin parts accompany the basic plastic sprue, and the decal sheet brings the option of one Japanese and two captured machines, one British, the other with U.S. marking. Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £14.60 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48161
1:48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I The first of the limited series Walrus Mk.I kits offers two early war period camouflaged machines. While the HMS Albatros based machine patrolled over the Atlantic Ocean during the hunt for the German blockade runners, the HMS Glasgow based machine participated in the Norwegian Campaign in the 1940 winter. The cruiser itself participated in the evacuation of the Norwegian Royal family, the government an... Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £38.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48089
1:48 Heinkel He-51B-2 floatplane Aircraft kits (injection) Limited Availability £29.30 - In Stock