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Caracal Models CD48111
1:48 General-Dynamics FB-111A "Dark Varks": Markings for Strategic Air Force FB-111A "Dark Varks", each with unique nose art! This 1/48 scale sheet is our first one for the venerable F-111 series; and it depicts FB-111A strategic bombers in the "Dark Vark" camouflage scheme used mostly during the 1980s. Nine unique aircraft from both units operating the type (380th BW at Plattsburgh AFB and 509th BW at Pease AFB) are featured, eac... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £13.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD48124
1:48 F-7 "Next Gen Fishbeds" : Seven marking options for the "cranked wing" Chengdu J-7, the latest version of the MiG-21 Fishbed-based fighter from China. Designed to fit the Trumpeter J-7G kit. This decal sheet features markings for the latest Fishbed variant on the international market: the "cranked wing" Chengdu J-7G (known as F-7 outside China). Equipped with updated avionics, this Chinese-built fighter was built until 2013 an... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £11.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD48097
1:48 Dassault Mirage III over Australia - Part 2 More RAAF Dassault Mirage III markings, featuring markings for units not covered in our very popular first set. Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £17.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD72071
1:72 North-American F-100 Super Sabre in Vietnam Multiple options for USAF F-100 Super Sabres in the Vietnam War. F-100D 56-3035 "Miss Dial", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-3053 "El Viejo Cazador", 510 TFS, Bien Hoa F-100D 56-3163 "Day Tripper", 308 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-3456 "Darlene's Dear", 355 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-2927 "Thor's Hammer", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 55-2901 "Colleen", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa F-100D 56-3392 "Turtle Moun... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £13.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD48048
1:48 Northrop YF-23 Prototypes: NOW FINISHED SO BE QUICK! While the YF-23 lost the fifth-generation USAF fighter competition, it was the favorite of many aviation enthusiasts. Fans of the YF-23 were finally rewarded with a new 1/48 kit from Hobby Boss in late 2013. The kit decal sheet only includes markings for an imaginary USAF example. Our new decal sheet provides accurate and well-researched markings for both of the YF-23 proto... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £13.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD72089
1:72 Lockheed SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird : Part 2 A comprehensive set for NASA and USAF SR-71 & YF-12 markings. The second 1/72 scale sheet in our SR-71 series features a comprehensive selection of USAF SR-71s from the later period of its service. In addition to several well-known tail artwork from the later period of SR-71 operations, we provide markings for both USAF SR-71 Blackbird that were reactivated after 1993; and markings f... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £15.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD72031
1:72 Lockheed-Martin F-16 CAS Vipers: Markings for all known F-16s that were painted in three-color tactical camouflage for the F-16 CAS (close air support) evaluation program. While the "lizard" camouflage was never adopted for actual service, we believe you will agree that it looked really good on the Viper! The options on this decal sheet are: F-16C 83-0128 F-16C 83-0129 F-16C 83-0130 F-16C 83-0131 F-16C 83-0132 F-16C 83-... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £13.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD48157
1:48 Aero L-39 Albatros: Three attractive options for the L-39 trainer, including a US civilian example painted in the famous VX-9 scheme. Designed for the Trumpeter kits. This decal sheet features colorful markings for L-39 Albatros, a type that is in widespread civilian ownership after having served as the primary jet trainer of the Eastern Bloc for many years. This sheet is designed for the 1/48 scale Trumpeter L-39C kit. T... Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £11.99 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD48024
1:48 McDonnell-Douglas T-45C Goshawk Part 2 (4) 165629 A/107 VT-7 Eagles; 165485 TW-1 Co's aircraft Go Navy Beat Army; or 165427 A/100 VT-7; 165609 A/167 V-7 the 150th Goshawk. All NAS Meridian MI; 165070 F/602 VT-86 NAS Pensacola; Full Maintenance Data. for the new Kinetic Model Kits kit. Aircraft decals (military) Limited Availability £15.99 - In Stock