AIM - Historic Wings - Aircraft kits (resin)

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    AIM - Historic Wings HW-72001
    1:72Bensen B-8M Gyroglider/X-25B (1955)Aircraft kits (resin)Catalogue£16.202
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    AIM - Historic Wings HW-72002
    1:72Bensen B-8M/X-25A Autogiro (1968)Aircraft kits (resin)Catalogue£18.009
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    AIM - Historic Wings HW-72003
    1:72De Havilland Biplane No.1 (1909). This model utilizes the benefits of 3D printing to give very fine detail and is we believe unique in that the wings and struts come as a single part for each side, which gives greater strength and perfect alignment. These 3D printed resin models are supplied on their supports for maximum strength in shippingAircraft kits (resin)Catalogue£45.007