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    Barracuda Studios BC-32001
    1:32Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Bubble (2) 42-26860 L3-O Capt A.Grosetta `Angie'; 42-26922 L3-U `Little Ann' both 512th FS/406th FG Belgium 1945 with yellow nose and red/blue/yellow fin bands, natural metal with D-Day stripes.Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£13.994
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32003
    1:32Republic P-47D Thunderbolt Part 3 (2) Razor back 42-27890 QP-B 334thFS, 4thFG Lt Duane Beeson `Boise Bee' RAF Debden 1944 OD/Grey; Bubble 42-28641 A7-W 395thFS, 368thFG Lt Bill Wayland France 1945. Both overall natural metal.Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£13.994
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32007
    1:32Curtiss P-40K Warhawks Pt 1 (3) 246040 White 13 64thFS, 57thFG Lt R.Johnson 'Jay' Tunisia 1943; White 171 75th FS/23rd FG New Guinea both with shark mouths; White 29 7th FS/49th FG 'Patsy Ruth' New GuineaAircraft decals (military)Catalogue£13.995
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32008
    1:32Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII This sheet contains markings for 6 different Spitfires operated by different air forces in 23 theatres. The sheet is thoroughly researched and beautifully printed by Cartograf. Complete with 2 full sets of stencils including door stencils and bomb markings and full color instructions. Spitfire Mk. VIII, Serial JF349 HL-K 308th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Group, 15th Air Force, USAAF. Pilot - ...Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£14.9923
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32009
    1:32Re-printed! North-American P-51D Mustangs of the 8th Air Force (5) 44-63684 SX-B 352FS 353FG Lt.Col.William B.Bailey 'Double Trouble Two' Black/Yellow check nose RAF Raydon; 44-14985 CY-G 343FS 55FG Maj. Edward Giller 'The Millie G' Yellow/Green check nose band RAF Wormingford; 44-14888 B6-Y 363FS 357FG Chuck Jaeger 'Amourous Len III' 1944 Red/Yellow check nose band RAF Yoxford; 44-13410 E2-C 375FS Lt.Col Thomas Christian KIA ...Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£13.9910
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32010
    1:32Re-printed! North-American P-51D Mustang Cockpit Stencils and Placards. This sheet provides a complete set of stencils and placards for the cockpit of the North-American P-51D. Over 100 tiny decals recreate the extensive markings found in the cockpit, from the North-American Data Plates down to the tiny PULL marking on the drop tank release handle. Instrument faces are not included, but everything else is. Even the battery and...Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£7.9936
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32129
    1:32Vought F4U-1 Corsair Cockpit Stencils and Placards. This set contains nearly 50 tiny stencil markings that replicate nearly all of the markings found in the wartime F4U-1, F4U-1A and F4U-1D Corsair cockpits. These markings will really bring the cockpit to life. Not for the faint of heart, but the hours you spend adding these tiny decals will be time well spent. Designed for the Tamiya Corsair kit, but can be adapted to fit all...Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£7.9921
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32268
    1:32de Havilland Mosquito external stencils suitable for all Mk.s [Mk.IX/XVI Mk.IV Mk.VI]Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£7.9927
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    Barracuda Studios BC-32269
    1:32de Havilland Mosquito Cockpit Stencils This sheet contains new, sharply printed gauge faces to replace the kit decal instruments, plus all of the many other stencils and placards found in the Mosquito cockpit. A simple and fun way to add a lot of visual interest to your Mosquito cockpit. [Mk.IX/XVI Mk.IV Mk.VI]Aircraft decals (military)Catalogue£7.9920