Barracuda Studios - Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)

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    Barracuda Studios BM48052
    1:48BAC/EE Lightning F.2A/F.6 Dialectric Panel Masks (designed to be used with Airfix kits)(was BCR48052) Use this mask to paint the dielectric panel on the spine of the Airfix 1/48 E.E. Lighting. You can use this mask it two ways. You can either paint the panel first and mask it with the positive mask, or paint the aircraft first and then mask the panel with the negative surround mask. This set contains two masks, but if you're r...Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)Catalogue£2.997
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    Barracuda Studios BM48053
    1:48BAC/EE Canberra PR.9 Transparency Paint Masks (designed to be used with Airfix kits) This set is designed for the 1/48 scale Airfix Canberra PR. 9 and provides precut masks for the main canopy and all of the other transparencies in the kit. This includes a few that Airfix missed, along with a diagram to show the locations of the various masks and those missed camera ports, so the modeler can add them. Also provided are a few m...Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)Catalogue£5.993
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    Barracuda Studios BM72324
    1:72Rockwell B-1B Lancer canopy paint mask (designed to be used with Monogram and Revell kits) This set contains a sheet of precut Kabuki type tape canopy masks for the Monogram B-1B Lancer kit. Includes masks for both the canopy clear panels and the sealing strips that surround each panel. It also comes with masks for the D-shaped flush DAS antennas that replaced the thick blade antennas located in front of the main gear doors an...Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)Catalogue£5.998