Pegasus Hobbies (A) - Film, Science Fiction or TV related

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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9001
    UnknownMartian War Machine form the 1953 FilmFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£49.990
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9004
    1:1400NTE-3120 N.S.E.A Protector from smash hit film 'Galaxy Quest'.Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£46.990
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9005
    1:144Alien Tripod Model Kit Straight from the blockbuster 2005 movie "War of The Worlds" comes this incredible alien tripod model kit! It's menacing three leg design and unstoppable attacks make this walking war machine one of the most memorable sci-fi designs ever to appear on film. The kit consists of one alien tripod with deployed arm lasers, tentacles and collection cages for building alternate versions. With over 90 p...Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£89.990
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9011
    1:350'SPACE ARK' model kit (base is 14 inches long) from the classic 1951 sci-fi movie 'When Worlds Collide'. Comes with launch railing, pillars and logo display baseFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£44.993
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9013
    1:8Tarzan Model KitFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£44.990
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9015
    1:32Terminator 2 Hunter Killer TankFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£109.992
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9017
    1:32Terminator 2 T-800 Endoskeletons (kits)Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£49.994
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9020
    1:12The Relic Kothoga Creature Model Kit Unleashed from the cult horror movie "The RELIC" comes the frightening Kothoga creature model kit. With its powerful tail, menacing claws and huge mandible pinchers, it takes its place as one of the scariest movie monsters. Includes museum style display base and detailed tribal idol statue. Key Features Highly detailed plastic pieces moulded in grey and green Museum style display ...Film, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£49.992
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9021
    1:32'Dragonslayer' The Vermithrax DragonFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£79.992
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9103
    UnknownThe Mercury 9 RocketFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£44.992
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    Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9920
    UnknownKothoga From 'The Relic' Movie Pre-Finished ModelFilm, Science Fiction or TV relatedCatalogue£59.990