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    Stratus Publications SUS00-5
    No ScaleFIGHTING SHIPS OF THE U.S. NAVY 1883-2019 Volume One Part One Venner F. Milewski, Jr. The first in a four-volume series detailing all USN warships from 1883 to the present day. Volume One Part One covers Fleet Carriers. A fleet carrier is an aircraft carrier designed to operate with the main fleet of a nation's navy. The term was developed during World War II, to distinguish it from the escort carrier and other less ...Ship booksCatalogue£35.004
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    Stratus Publications SUS02-9
    No ScaleMUSHROOM MODEL PUBLICATIONS FIGHTING SHIPS OF THE U.S. NAVY 1883-2019 Volume 3 Venner F. Milewski, Jr. The final book in a three-volume series which provides details of all USN warships from 1893 to the present day. Every class and individual ship has an entry providing details of the procurement, dimensions and characteristics, and a summary of each ship's history and development. Volume Three covers Cruisers and ...Ship booksFuture Releases£35.000
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    Stratus Publications SUS07-5
    No ScaleThe King George V Class Battleships; HJMS King Geiorge V; HMS Prince od Wales; HMS Duke of York; HMS Anson; HMS Howe (Hardback) This new book collects in one volume the stories of all the British King George V Class battleships: HMS King George V; HMS Prince of Wales; HMS Duke of York; HMS Anson; HMS Howe. The author describes their history in the order in which they entered naval service, devoting great attention to the...Ship booksCatalogue£30.000