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True Details TDP10901
1:10 ACES II EJECTION SEAT 1/10 scale Resin ACES II collectable ejection seat with 3D pattern and realistic detail. (This does not come ready painted) Aircraft seats (resin) New Arrivals 08/02/2019 £34.99 - In Stock
Zvezda ZVE6239
1:100 Soviet Su-76M Soviet SPG Military vehicle kits (injection) New Arrivals 22/11/2018 £3.75 Out of Stock
Zvezda ZVE6240
1:100 Pz.Kpfw Ausf.H Military vehicle kits (injection) New Arrivals 29/12/2018 £3.75 Out of Stock
LPS LPS100-01
1:100 Embraer 175 American Eagle Aircraft decals (civil) New Arrivals 30/11/2018 £13.99 - In Stock
LPS LPS100-02
1:100 Embraer 175 Delta Connection Aircraft decals (civil) New Arrivals 30/11/2018 £13.99 Out of Stock
Foxbot Decals FB100-005
1:100 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger (early production) Military vehicle decals New Arrivals 16/11/2018 £1.99 - In Stock
Foxbot Decals FB100-006
1:100 Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger (middle and late production) Military vehicle decals New Arrivals 16/11/2018 £1.99 - In Stock
Polar Lights POL957
1:1000 Star Trek U.S.S. Grissom NCC-638 /Klingon Bird of Prey 'Twin Pack' Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Twin Pack Film, Science Fiction or TV related New Arrivals 30/11/2018 £44.99 Out of Stock
Revell RV7939
1:12 Honda CBX 400F Motorbike kits (injection) New Arrivals 29/11/2018 £49.99 - In Stock
Pegasus Hobbies (A) PH9020
1:12 Back in stock! Kothoga Creature Model Kit Unleashed from the cult horror movie "The RELIC" comes the frightening Kothoga creature model kit. With its powerful tail, menacing claws and huge mandible pinchers, it takes its place as one of the scariest movie monsters. Includes museum style display base and detailed tribal idol statue. Key Features Highly detailed plastic pieces moulded in grey and green Museum style dis... Film, Science Fiction or TV related New Arrivals 14/01/2019 £49.99 - In Stock
Revell RV5161
1:1200 HMS King George V Ship kits, full hull (injection) New Arrivals 22/11/2018 £9.99 - In Stock
Airwaves (etched) AEC44003
1:144 Re-released! Douglas DC-9-30 (designed to be used with Airfix kit) [4352-36] Aircraft detailing sets (etched) New Arrivals 15/02/2019 £5.20 - In Stock
Airwaves (etched) AEC44006
1:144 Re-released! Boeing 747 'Jumbo' exterior (designed to be used with Airfix kit)[4447:36] Aircraft detailing sets (etched) New Arrivals 15/02/2019 £5.20 - In Stock
Flying Colors FC44042
1:144 Re-released! Boeing 747 Detail sheet. Inc windows, windshield, doors, logos Aircraft decals (civil) New Arrivals 01/02/2019 £9.99 - In Stock
Minicraft MC14641
1:144 Boeing B-52H Stratofortress USAF (New Tooling!) Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 30/11/2018 £59.99 Out of Stock
Minicraft MC14681
1:144 Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 30/11/2018 £54.99 - In Stock
Warbird Decals WB14404
1:144 Re-printed! Space Shuttle Tiles Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 16/01/2019 £23.99 - In Stock
Minicraft MC14709
1:144 Back in stock! Boeing EC-135C USAF with 2 marking options. The EC-135C evolved from the earlier KC-135A to serve as an airborne command and control aircraft. The initial purpose was to maintain command and control of U.S. Air Force Nuclear forces in the event of a “first strike" by Soviet nuclear ICBM’s. The new Minicraft EC-135C is made from new tooling and includes recessed panel lines, re-fueling boom, boom, boom operator p... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 12/02/2019 £59.99 - In Stock
Armory AR14104
1:144 Messerschmitt Bf-109A/B, German pre-WWII fighter. Includes 2 kits in the box, with PE and vacuformed parts Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 27/11/2018 £8.90 - In Stock
Berna Decals BER14404
1:144 Re-released! African Air Forces Dassault-Br"guet Dornier Alpha Jets : NAF 473 Nigeria 1990, 5V-MBB & 5V-MBD Togo 1981, QA 53 Qatar 1994 & 2010, 234 & 246 Morocco 1992 & 2000, 3502 Egypt 1982, TJ-XBX & TJ-XCI Cameroon 2005, TU-VCA & TU-VCG Ivory Coast 1995 Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 31/01/2019 £8.60 - In Stock
Caracal Models CD144004
1:144 Back in stock! Last ones! Now finished! Boeing C-135 Family General Purpose Markings. This decal sheet provides a comprehensive selection of general-purpose markings to allow you to build and improve your 1/144 scale Minicraft C-135 series kits. While the sheet does not provide complete markings for any one particular aircraft, the wide variety of markings on this sheet will help you replace the inaccurate and generally poorly... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 10/12/2018 £11.99 - In Stock
Moebius MMK2001-3
1:144 Back in stock! 'Discovery' from 2001: A Space Odyssey USS Discovery One is a fictional spaceship that appears in The Space Odyssey series, including the motion pictures 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact. This nuclear-powered interplanetary spaceship operated in part by the HAL 9000 (heuristic algorithmic computer) artificial intelligence. Over 40" long with over 500 parts. Film, Science Fiction or TV related New Arrivals 25/01/2019 £259.99 Out of Stock
Caracal Models CD144006
1:144 Back in stock! Lockheed C-5B/M Galaxy This comprehensive 1/144 scale sheet for the C-5 Galaxy features accurate markings for 10 USAF C-5B/M heavy transport aircraft. Our two-page set provides you with a high-quality alternative for the lackluster kit decals, and includes markings for walkways, stencilling and structural details. While walkways and stencilling have been verified on the Roden kit only, all main markings will... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 14/01/2019 £13.99 - In Stock
Revell RV4958
1:144 Antonov An-225 Mrija Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/12/2018 £89.99 - In Stock
Zvezda ZVE7029
1:144 Ilyushin IL-76TD Russian Ministry of Emergency Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 29/12/2018 £29.99 - In Stock