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Daco Publications DCB001C
None Re-printed! Uncovering the Lockheed-Martin General-Dynamics F-16A/F-16B /Lockheed-Martin F-16C/F-16D Aircraft books New Arrivals 13/11/2019 £29.75 - In Stock
Daco Publications DCB007
None Uncovering the McDonnell F-15A/B Eagle [F-15B] Aircraft books New Arrivals 13/11/2019 £34.75 - In Stock
Airwaves (etched) AEM040
No Scale Re-released! 4 ultra fine stainless steel razor saws. Free hand or use with the Swann Morton SM0933 no 3 handle [ST3549-35] Modelling tools (etched) New Arrivals 10/10/2019 £5.20 - In Stock
Airwaves (etched) AEM008
No Scale Re-released! Razor saw Set No.1. 10 thou stainless steel razor saw. 4 blades which can either be used free hand or will fit the Swann Morton SM0933 no 3 handle. [3549:35] Modelling tools (etched) New Arrivals 23/08/2019 £5.20 - In Stock
Xtradecal XPS2
No Scale Re-printed! Parallel Stripes White (9 different widths) Decals (multi-purpose) New Arrivals 07/09/2019 £2.25 - In Stock
Hannants TELFORD
No Scale Scale ModelWorld 2019. Incorporating the IPMS (UK) Annual Competition Saturday 9th-Sunday 10th November 2019 ***TO PLACE AN ORDER FOR COLLECTION PLEASE CHANGE YOUR COUNTRY IN YOUR DELIVERY ADDRESS TO 'COLLECT FROM TELFORD SHOW' AND BE SURE TO MAKE IT YOUR DEFAULT DELIVERY ADDRESS. THIS WILL GIVE YOU 10% DISCOUNT AND ALLOW YOU TO PLACE THE ORDER WITHOUT PAYING. *** You pay when you collect so if you are asked for... Information New Arrivals 07/10/2019 £0.01 Out of Stock
Shesto PKN8008
No Scale Back in stock! Rotating Cutting Mat. 31 x 31cm self healing cutting mat. Modelling tools (metal) New Arrivals 15/11/2019 £22.95 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMP9134
No Scale BOEING B-17 FORTRESS: IN RAF COASTAL COMMAND SERVICE Rejected as a bomber by the RAF, the B-17 was used extensively as a long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft by Coastal Command. This book tells the fascinating story of these operations, a vital but often overlooked part of the fight against the U-Boats. All the aircraft involved are listed, and the tedious but essential work of their crews described, including some e... Aircraft books New Arrivals 07/09/2019 £29.00 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10236
No Scale Re-printed! The Douglas SBD ('Scout Bomber Douglas') Dauntless was the U.S. Navy"s chief carrier-borne scout plane and dive bomber from the middle of 1940 until the middle of 1944. In addition, U.S. Marine units flew the Dauntless from aircraft carriers and bases on land, and the U.S. Army Air Force also operated its own version of the plane. Most remembered for the deadly blows it inflicted on Japanese aircraft carriers at th... Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/10/2019 £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10211
No Scale Re-printed! North-American P-51D Mustang (In Action Series) Doyle. Its contrails twisting through the clouds, one fighter aircraft was able to escort America"s heavy bombers from England to Berlin, and from Iwo Jima to Tokyo " the North-American P-51 Mustang. Beyond bomber escort, this iconic Pursuit (later F- for fighter) aircraft was employed against ground targets using machine guns, rockets, and bombs " in fact one varian... Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/10/2019 £14.99 - In Stock
SAM Publications SAMPUB30
No Scale MDF30 The Messerschmitt Bf-109. Bf-109G to Bf-109K. A comprehensive guide. THIS IS NOW OUT OF PRINT BUT WE HAVE IMPORTED A QUANTITY. NO MORE WHEN GONE!!! The Messerschmitt BF 109 is one of the icons of military aviation, and instantly recognisable as one the Luftwaffe’s most potent warplanes. Originally published in 2007, the SAM Publications Messerschmitt BF 109 ‘G to K’ variants Datafile remains one of the most important and... Aircraft books New Arrivals 14/11/2019 £19.99 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMPSPOT14
No Scale Back in stock! Grumman F-14 Tomcat (Spotlight on) Spot.14 This book is the latest in a new reference series for aircraft modellers called "Spotlight On" and presents detailed illustrations of the famous Grumman F-14 Tomcat, the American supersonic, twin-engine, two-seater, variable sweep-wing jet combat aircraft. The Tomcat was operational with the U.S. Navy from 1970 to 2006 and remains in service with the Iranian Air Force ... Aircraft books New Arrivals 01/09/2019 £19.00 - In Stock
Naval Fighters NF107
No Scale Back in stock! Sikorsky HR2S-1/CH-37C Deuce H-37A/CH-37B Mojave Heavy-Lift Helicopter. 137-pages, 138 color photos, 145 B&W photos and 48 drawings. The USMC Deuce was originally designed as a heavy-lift assault helicopter capable of delivering 36 combat troops or equipment (up to two jeeps or field artillery) from ship to shore. It was quickly adapted by the Army which purchased almost twice as many as the Marines. During its... Aircraft books New Arrivals 12/10/2019 £37.40 - In Stock
Revell RV39626
No Scale Ultra Violet Glue + Refill Apply. Light up. Firmly! The Revell FIX-kit UV Super Glue is so easy to use. Due to the special properties of the product, the parts can be easily placed before gluing. The adhesive effect only starts when the bonding area is illuminated with the enclosed UV lamp. After approx. 5 seconds, the parts are firmly bonded together. Revell FIX-kit UV Superkleber bonds various materials such as plastic, glas... Adhesives, glues and fillers (surface) New Arrivals 17/10/2019 £12.99 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162708
No Scale F-16 (Compact Series) Include 2 All Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £26.50 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162710
No Scale F-16C (Compact Series) Include 2 All Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £26.50 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMPCAM10
No Scale Back in stock! Kfz.1 Kfz.2 Kfz.3 & Kfz.4 Light Off-Road Passenger Cars 'Camera On' series by Alan Ranger Military vehicle books New Arrivals 21/10/2019 £15.00 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMPCAM14
No Scale Morane-Saulnier MS.406 France 1940 Aircraft books New Arrivals 28/08/2019 £15.00 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162705
No Scale Lockheed F-104 & TF-104 NATO Starfighter (Compact Series) Includes 2 kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £19.99 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162709
No Scale F16A 20th Anniversary of 21st Squadron GAMBLERS at Luke Base & F-16B 80 th Anniversary of 814 Air Combat RoCAF Include 2 All Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £19.99 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162711
No Scale IAF F-16I SUFA /Storm & F-16C Include 2 All Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £19.99 Out of Stock
Freedom Models FD162701
No Scale Northrop F-5E/F-5F/RF-5E Tiger (Compact Series) Include 3 Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £27.50 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162702
No Scale Lockheed F-104/TF-104/RF-104 (Compact Series) Include 3 Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £27.50 - In Stock
Freedom Models FD162706
No Scale Northrop F-5E & F-5F 7th FTW 40th Anniversary ROCAF Include 2 Kits Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 20/08/2019 £19.99 - In Stock
No Image Xtracolor X801G
No Scale RAL8002 Signalbraun enamel (GLOSS);;; Special one time only production Paint, Enamel 14ml New Arrivals 10/11/2019 £1.85 - In Stock