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Philippe Jourdan PJBOOK
None Back in stock! Squadrons Badges of the French Air Force " in 1914 - 1918 ... This is a superb book of 120 pages , Bi -lingual ( French - English ) incorporating all badges unit ... 4 Squadron in 1914.....600 French squadrons in 1918...... . with badges drawings, aircrafts used, pilots, location areas, war zone etc. .... Aircraft books New Arrivals 13/02/2017 £29.99 - In Stock
No Image Dutch Profile DDP23
None Gloster Meteor F Mk.4 Aircraft books New Arrivals 17/03/2017 £13.60 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10233
None U.S. ECM AIRCRAFT IN ACTION The purpose of Electronic countermeasures (ECM) is to jam, spoof, trick or otherwise fool an enemy about the location or capabilities of armed combat units. While the United States employs ECM on the land, air and sea, modern military aircraft are the primary platform in the ECM battle because they can scan a larger patch of earth. This book briefly explains the history and development of various E... Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/02/2017 £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10244
None Lockheed F-104 Starfighter David Doyle. The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter first flew in 1954, Starfighters then broke the world altitude record in May 1958 and the world air-speed record nine days later. It was the first aircraft to hold both records simultaneously. Many of the Starfighter"s records stand today. With a powerful XJ79 engine and futuristic design by famed Lockheed engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson and his tea... Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/02/2017 £14.99 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10211
None North-American P-51D Mustang (In Action Series) Doyle. Its contrails twisting through the clouds, one fighter aircraft was able to escort America's heavy bombers from England to Berlin, and from Iwo Jima to Tokyo - the North American P-51 Mustang. Beyond bomber escort, this iconic Pursuit (later F- for fighter) aircraft was employed against ground targets using machine guns, rockets, and bombs - in fact one variant was specif... Aircraft books New Arrivals 27/03/2017 £11.99 Out of Stock
Squadron Signal SQS10241
None Republic F-105 Thunderchief (In Action Series) Doyle. The Republic F-105 Thunderchief was the largest single-seat, single engine combat aircraft to enter production, was conceived as supersonic, low altitude fighter-bomber capable of delivering a heavy nuclear payload. While never used as intended, the Thunderchief did see extensive combat. The F-105 carried the brunt of the U.S. bombing campaign during the early part of the... Aircraft books New Arrivals 14/04/2017 £14.99 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWP3534560
None AA-11 The Fieseler Fi-156: A Detailed Guide to the Luftwaffe's Versatile Storch (Including Post-War Derivatives) by Richard A. Franks. The eleventh title in the Airframe Album series will be an essential companion for anyone tackling the Hasegawa (1/32nd), Tristar (1/35th), Esci or Tamiya (1/48th), Academy or Airfix/Heller kits in 1/72nd scale. Contents includes all the elements listed plus: • A wealth of historical photogr... Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/03/2017 £16.95 - In Stock
Squadron Signal SQS12042
None World War II Jeep in action Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/02/2017 £14.99 - In Stock
SAM Publications SAMSD05
None MDF Scaled Down #5 Northrop Grumman F-5 Tiger, Freedom Fighter, F-20 Tiger II and RF-5 Tigereye. [F-5A F-5B F-5E F-5F] Aircraft books New Arrivals 17/02/2017 £14.99 - In Stock
Naval Fighters NF103
None Sikorsky S-43/JRS-1 Amphibian By Steve Ginter 100-pages perfect bound 3 color and 232 b&w photos, 8 drawings. 53 S-43/JRS-1 "Baby Clippers" were produced (31 civil, 15 Navy, 2 Marine, and 5 USAAC). The book covers all users including civilian and post war users. 10 of the Navy's JRS-1s were at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, all survived the attack and one, BuNo 1063, is undergoing restoration at the Smithsonian today. ... Aircraft books New Arrivals 31/03/2017 £24.99 - In Stock
Warpaint Series WPS110
None Westland Scout & Wasp. This book in the Warpaint series focuses on the development & service history of the Westland Scout & Wasp. The book contains colour & black & white photos, colour artwork profiles & scale drawings. Balch Edition: 2017, 48 pages. Aircraft books New Arrivals 24/03/2017 £15.00 - In Stock
Guideline Publications GPSAMCC9
None Combat Colours No.9 - Nicholas Millman Mitsubishi Zero - Type 0 Carrier Fighter (A6M) 'Zeke' in World War Two. No.9 in the series charts the colour schemes and markings worn by this iconic Japanese naval fighter which saw service throughout the whole of the Pacific War from 1940 in China, to the final defence of the homeland in 1945. Structured chronologically by variant, it covers the development from the A6M1 to A6M7/8, incl... Aircraft books New Arrivals 24/03/2017 £16.00 - In Stock
Fox Two Mini FT003
None Douglas A-4 'Ahit' in IAF Service. The A-4N and TA-4J 'Ahit' in Israeli Air Force Service by Ra'anan Weiss & Yoav Efrati Sized A4 landscape, softcover, English and German text, 120 pages of content, full colour, over 650 images. This walk around details the status of the A-4N and TA-4J, including a short introduction and colur profiles. The content coversf: - avionics - cockpits - landing gear - engines - most recent... Aircraft books New Arrivals 07/04/2017 £22.70 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWP3534577
None AE-7 The Suez Crisis: Empire's End Covers the historical background prior to the conflict and aerial operations by all sides from 28th October to the ceasefire on 7th November 1956 Historical narrative by Steve A. Evans Colour profiles by Richard J Caruana Specially commissioned kit builds: 1/48th Meteor NF Mk 13 (Classic Airframes), N.A. P-51D (Hasegawa) and Republic RF-84F Thunderstreak (Tan Model) by Steve A. Evans 1... Aircraft books New Arrivals 20/04/2017 £9.95 - In Stock
Rob Taurus RBT72088
1:72 Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless open/closed (designed to be used with Hasegawa kits) Aircraft canopies (vacform) New Arrivals 30/01/2017 £3.30 Out of Stock
Brengun BRL144127
1:144 McDonnell F-15E Eagle Vacu canopy (designed to be used with Revell kits) Aircraft canopies (vacform) New Arrivals 15/02/2017 £3.70 - In Stock
Brengun BRL144128
1:144 Heinkel He-162 Vacu canopy (designed to be used with Brengun kits) Aircraft canopies (vacform) New Arrivals 15/02/2017 £3.70 - In Stock
No Image Rob Taurus RBT48073
1:48 Supermarine Seafire F XVIIC (designed to be used with Airfix kits) Aircraft canopies (vacform) New Arrivals 07/04/2017 £3.30 - In Stock
No Image 12 Squared STEVETEST
1:24 test Aircraft conversions (injection) New Arrivals 06/04/2017 £100.00 Out of Stock
No Image AIM - Transport Wings TWC72023
1:72 Argonaut spinners Aircraft conversions (mixed-media) New Arrivals 07/04/2017 £5.40 - In Stock
No Image Freightdog FDR48M01
1:48 DH Mosquito PR.34 (early) conversion set (designed to be used with Airfix PR.XVI kits) Aircraft conversions (resin) New Arrivals 18/03/2017 £15.00 - In Stock
No Image Freightdog FDR72076
1:72 BAC/EE Lightning Ground Attack project conversion set (designed to be used with Airfix kits) Aircraft conversions (resin) New Arrivals 03/03/2017 £11.00 - In Stock
Kora KORCSD7274
1:72 Fiesler Fi-167V-2 Ski - Conversion set & decal (designed to be used with Pavla Model kits) Aircraft conversions (resin) New Arrivals 08/04/2017 £23.30 - In Stock
Wingman Models WMF48038
1:48 Lockheed-Martin F-16D Fighting Falcon Block 20/30 Conversion (designed to be used with Kinetic kits) Aircraft conversions (resin) New Arrivals 27/03/2017 £31.80 - In Stock
IsraDecal Studio ISC32038
1:32 IAF F-15I 'Ra'am' Conversion (designed to be used with Tamiya McDonnell F-15E kit) Aircraft conversions (resin) New Arrivals 03/02/2017 £27.50 - In Stock