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Naval Fighters NF114
No Scale McDonnell-Douglas C-9A 'Nightingale'/C-9B 'Skytrain II' By Steve Ginter 96-Pages, Almost all color: the book has 178 color photos, 26 b&w photos, 27 color patches, 35 illustrations. The iconic Douglas DC-9 airliner was chosen by the USAF for a aeromedical evacuation and VIP transport aircraft as the C-9A and VC-9C respectively and by the US Navy/USMC as a passenger/cargo aircraft as the C-9B. 21 C-9As and 3 VC-9Cs were b... Aircraft books New Arrivals 16/10/2021 £33.30 - In Stock
4 + Publications 4PLUS25
No Scale Re-printed! Focke-Wulf Ta-152 [TA 152A Ta-152B Ta-152C TATa-152H Ta-153] Aircraft books New Arrivals 06/10/2021 £21.99 - In Stock
Start LIF31
No Scale Luftwaffe im Focus Edition No 31. 50 pages, 56 photos - thereof 3 in colour, 6 colour graphics, 4 coloured emblems, 4 coloured documents, 3 coloured maps, reader's forum Aircraft in Focus: An Me 410 of ZG 26 with Wave Mirror Camouflage Unknown Emblems: It Really Did Exist-Luftgaukommando Moskau Scenery: First Photos of the Ju 252 of "Kommando Gotz" (1944) Background: The Operational Flying Clasp and Staffel Markings... Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/09/2021 £19.60 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWPAM-17
No Scale AM-17 The Messerschmitt Bf-110 - A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffe's Famous Zerstorer Valiant Wings Publishing is pleased to announce that our next title in the well-established Airframe & Miniature series will be The Messerschmitt Bf 110 - A Complete Guide To The Luftwaffe's Famous Zerstorer by Richard A Franks. The Bf 110 has become very popular aircraft modelling subject in recent years and our latest book will go som... Aircraft books New Arrivals 22/09/2021 £24.95 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWPAA-04
No Scale AA-04 The Westland Whirlwind Airframe Album No 4 A Detailed Guide to The RAF's Twin-engine Fighter by Richard A. Franks (Second Edition) This second edition is perfectly timed for the release of the new 1/32 scale Special Hobby kit Contents will include all the elements listed plus: A wealth of historical and modern photographs Detailed study of the structure, equipment and armament used Isometric views by Wojciech... Aircraft books New Arrivals 18/08/2021 £19.95 - In Stock
IsraDecal Studio IAFMPA04
No Scale Back in stock! Super Dassault Mystere and Sa'ar by Ra'anan Weiss Publication #4 of 'Israeli Air Force Mini Photo Album' series IAFB-28 Aircraft books New Arrivals 12/08/2021 £28.40 - In Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMP9144
No Scale U.S Combat Aircraft Colours Over Vietnam 1964-1975 (Volume 1 US Airforce) - White Series - Jaroslaw Dobrzynski. Aircraft books New Arrivals 07/08/2021 £40.00 Out of Stock
Mushroom Model Publications MMPCAM26
No Scale RENAULT R35 & R40 THROUGH A GERMAN LENS Camera On series #26 Alan Ranger The Renault R35, an abbreviation of Char leger Modele 1935 R (or R35), was a French light infantry tank of the Second World War. Designed from 1933 and produced from 1936, the tank was intended as an infantry support light tank. To this end it was relatively well-armoured but slow and lacking a good anti-tank capacity, fitted only with a short 37 mm... Aircraft books New Arrivals 07/08/2021 £15.00 - In Stock
IsraDecal Studio IAFB-29
No Scale Lockheed-Martin F-16I 'Sufa' in IAF Service (2021 Edition) Author: Ra'anan Weiss Format: Soft Bound; 96 pages Size: 21x28 cm Publication #11 of our popular series 'Aircraft in Detail'. Updated 2021 edition. Over 630 photos and illustrations. Walk-around section. Aircraft books New Arrivals 07/08/2021 £31.40 - In Stock
Warpaint Series WPSSP02
None Re-released! Messerschmitt Bf-109. When it comes to famous aircraft of the 20th Century, one that is sure to come to the top of the list is the Messerschmitt Bf109. With a career spanning nearly 20 years and over 30.000 examples of being built the Bf109 is probably the most recognised of all the World War 2 fighters. Ironically this German fighter started and ended its life being powered by British engines. Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/08/2021 £25.00 - In Stock
Warpaint Series WPSSP03
None Re-released! de Havilland Mosquito Mks I to TT.39 Written and Illustrated by Richard J Caruana 84 pages Born during the dark days of World War 2, the Mosquito was the result of revolutionary thinking that started way back in 1936. Although originally designed and built as a bomber, it was even- tually adapted to any role imaginable where speed was of an essence. In fact its only defence was its capability of outpacing en... Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/08/2021 £25.00 - In Stock
Warpaint Series WPSSP05
None NEW! Warpaint Special no 5 North-American P-51 Mustang - Warpaint Special no 5 - A massive 108 pages - Author superb and respected Kev Darling - Artwork by John Fox - Over 200 images some never seen before - 16 pages of Colour Profiles - 2 page scale Plans - 4 pages of detailed Aircraft used by various units Aircraft books New Arrivals 02/08/2021 £22.00 Out of Stock
HMH-Publications HMHDH-020
No Scale Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E - 116 pages For the first time, a book offering a complete look at one of Russia's most modern fighter jets, the Su-35S Flanker E. This ultimate evolution of the Flanker is equipped with powerful engines with thrust vectoring exhausts, a glass cockpit and many new flight and defence systems. The book shows every detail of the aircraft, from the forward fuselage to the wings, landing gear and vertical ta... Aircraft books New Arrivals 30/07/2021 £22.99 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWPAA-01
No Scale AA-01 Second Edition! The Heinkel He-219 'Uhu'. A Detailed Guide to the Luftwaffe's Ultimate Nightfighter by Richard A. Franks Valiant Wings Publishing's returns to where the Airframe Album range started back in 2012 with a second, much expanded edition of the very first title in the series, The Heinkel He-219A Detailed Guide to The Luftwaffe's Ultimate Nightfighter by Richard A. Franks The He 219 is a very popular aircr... Aircraft books New Arrivals 19/07/2021 £19.95 - In Stock
Valiant Wings Publishing VWPAD-01
No Scale AIRFRAME DETAIL No.1 AD-01 The Blohm-und-Voss Bv-141A Technical Guide by Richard A Franks A wealth of historical photographs Walkaround detail period pictures A mass of period diagrams from original flight manuals Detailed study of structure, equipment and armament Colour profiles and camouflage and marking detail by Richard J. Caruana Lists of all kits, accessories and decals produced in all scales 64 pages plus cove... Aircraft books New Arrivals 19/07/2021 £14.95 - In Stock