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DK Decals DKD72050
1:72 Back in stock! Curtiss P-40K/P-40N/P-40N Kittyhawk in RAAF Service (Includes 18 camouflage schemes) 1. P-40M A29-302, No.86 Sq. RAAF, 1943 2. P-40M, A29-325, No.86 Sq. RAAF, 1943 3. P-40N A29-915, No.82 Sq. RAAF, 1944 4. P-40N A29-614, No.82 Sq. RAAF, 1944 5. P-40M A29-361, No.76 Sq. RAAF, New Guinea 1944 6. P-40N A29-1140, No.76 Sq., 1945 7. P-40K A29-182, No.77 Sq. RAAF, New Guinea 1943 8. P-40N A29-481, No.86 Sq. RA... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 03/01/2019 £17.50 - In Stock
DK Decals DKD72060
1:72 Night Intruders, Pt.1 (de Havilland Mosquito, Westland Whirlwind, Boulton-Paul Defiant, Hawker Hurricane, Douglas Boston) 1. Mosquito NF Mk.II, DD792, W/Cdr B.R.Hoare, No.23 Sq. RAF 2. Mosquito NF Mk.VI, NS838, A.Wagner, No.605 Sq. RAF 3. Hurricane NF Mk.IIC, HL865, Sgt. B. Bawden, No.87 Sq. RAF 4. Hurricane NF Mk.IIC, BN185, P/O K.H.Dalton, No.3 Sq. RAF 5. Boston Mk.III Intruder, AL459, P/O P.P.Coventry, No.23 Sq. RAF 6... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 06/12/2018 £11.70 Out of Stock
DK Decals DKD72065
1:72 Douglas Boston/Havoc Night Fighters 1. Havoc NF Mk.I Pandora, BT465, F/Lt.Burke, Sgt. Litnhune/Sgt. Southall, No.93 Sq. RAF 2. Havoc NF Mk.I, BJ461, Sgt Gray/Sgt Franklin, P/O Goodman/Sgt Gregory, No.85 Sq. RAF 3. Havoc NF Mk.I, AW396, No.771 NAS FAA 4. Havoc NF Mk.II, AH520, W/Cdr. „Scruffy“ Sanders/P/O Austin, No.85 Sq. RAF 5. Havoc NF Mk.II, AH518, S/Ldr Vesel½, ECAF (Empire Central Flying School) 6. Havoc NF Mk.II, A... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 06/12/2018 £11.70 Out of Stock
DK Decals DKD72068
1:72 Night Intruders, Pt.2 Hawker Hurricane, Douglas Boston, de Havilland Mosquito, Boulton-Paul Defiant, Martin Baltimore) 1. Mosquito Mk.VI, HJ715, F/Lt. J.T.Caine, P/O E.W.Boal, No.418 Sq. RAF 2. Mosquito Mk.II, DZ715, F/O R.R.Smart, F/O P.D.J.Wood, No.605 Sq. RAF 3. Hurricane Mk.IIC, BE152, Sgt. C.G.Montgomery, No.3 Sq. RAF 4. Hurricane Mk.IIB, BG727, MNFU (Malta Night Fighter Unit) 5. Defiant Mk.I, N3377, F/O M.H.Young, S... Aircraft decals (military) New Arrivals 06/12/2018 £11.70 Out of Stock