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Special Hobby SH72421
1:72 SAAB B-5 ‘Swedish Dive Bomber’ 1/72 - Swedish variety of the Northrop A-17 bomber - contains etches, resins and vacuum-formed canopy. The Northrop A-17 was a US dive bomber aeroplane which saw service not just with the USAAF but it also proved to be an export success in the pre-war era. A low-wing monoplane of modern all metal construction was operated by many nations, it was also licence-produced in Sweden, which had requir... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 03/09/2020 £21.40 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72422
1:72 Lockheed Vega 5 ‘Lady Lindy’ 1/72 - Amelia Earhart’s record-breaking Red Vega 5 which she flew in during the first ever successful attempt of a female aviator to cross the Atlantic Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 03/09/2020 £13.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72429
1:72 Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I 'WWII Service' The Sea Otter amphibian biplane was put into the service with both the RAF and FAA during the war years. The type was a succesor to the well-known and almost iconic Walrus, it was the last Supermarine-made biplane and was also destined to become the very last biplane type to be introduced to the service of both forces. It mainly flew in the reconnaissance and air-sea rescue roles. T... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 03/09/2020 £22.50
Out of Stock
Special Hobby SH72304
1:72 Short Sunderland Mk.III WWII This is a model of one of the most famous flying boats in the history of aviation. The Mk.III variety was built and saw service during the war times, being introduced to operational use in the turn of 1941-42. Compared with the earlier versions, it featured an improved hull step and was equipped with power-operated gun turrets. Because of its long range capabilities and heavy armament, the type pro... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 07/08/2020 £42.80 Out of Stock
Special Hobby SH48204
1:48 Reggiane Re.2000 Serie I Italy Reggiane Re 2000 Serie I 1/48 - Italian WW2 fighter aircraft - the model consists of four styrene sprues and one clear plastic sprue. The wing parts originate in the Classic Airframes kit, all the others are made new. Small parts come from metal moulds. - three eye-catching colour schemes-Italian mottled camouflages Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 07/08/2020 £22.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72303
1:72 Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer ‘US Marines Bomber’ - a US naval dive bomber aircraft - the SB2A-4 version saw service with the US Marines - decals cover three US Marines options and one for a Dutch East Indies what if machine (the Dutch did intend to purchase the Buccaneer) - the kit comes with resin and etched parts Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 07/08/2020 £19.20 - In Stock
Special Hobby SHM48003
1:48 Reggiane Re.2002 Mask (designed to be used with Special Hobby kits) Pre-cut spray masks for the canopy and wheels of Special Hobby Reggiane Re 2000. Instrument panel decal is also offered here, which was not included on the decal sheet of SH48208. Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive) New Arrivals 07/08/2020 £3.60 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48203
1:48 Grunau Baby IIB/Nord 1300 'Over Western Europe' post WWII UK, France, Spain Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 04/07/2020 £13.60 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72406
1:72 Piaggio P.108B The Piaggio P.108B gets back to our portfolio again after some time. But what is new now is the nose that comes in two styles, both with and without the front turret. The main difference from the previous release, however, is the all new set of resin detail parts and a styrene sprue offering a couple of small items. All these new additions have been 3D designed. The P.108B was the only Italian WW2 four-engine... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 04/07/2020 £49.50 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72419
1:72 Folland Gnat FR.1 Finnish Recce Fighter Modern Finland. The Folland Gnat fighter aircraft was operated mainly by the military of Finland and India. Two of the Finnish airframes were delivered in the Gnat FR.1 reconnaissance variety equipped with a set of cameras in the nose section. They were coded GN-112 and GN-113 and flew recon and mapping sorties. They, however, retained their cannon armament and ability to fly in the figh... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 04/07/2020 £13.50 - In Stock