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Special Hobby SH48045
1:48 Back in stock! Fairey Albacore Mk.I The Albacore was the last biplane designed for service with the Royal Navy The aircraft operated both from aircraft carriers and land bases They fought over the Atlantic Ocean and over the Mediterranean Sea The kit of this outstanding biplane consists of 4 sprues with grey plastic and 1 sprue with clear parts, several small pieces are made from resin and photo-etched parts Decals offer three... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 14/01/2020 £42.80 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72232
1:72 Back in stock! Grumman FF-1 'Fifi' U.S. Navy Two-seat Fighter. During the 1930s Grumman Company was the sole supplier of the fighter aircraft to the U.S. Navy. The first Grumman fighter aircraft to enter U.S. Navy service was the series of FF-1 twin-seater fighters. Navy ordered 27 machines of FF-1 type equipped with two fixed machine guns and one on flexible mount for rear gunner. In addition, U.S. Navy also ordered reconnais... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 27/12/2019 £16.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72360
1:72 Gloster Meteor NF.12 The final generation of the Meteor jet fighters was produced by Armstrong Whitworth. Unlike the earlier versions, these were two-seater, night and all-weather fighter machines equipped with a radar in the nose. In the early stages of the Cold War, they defended the UK against the threat of Soviet bombers carrying nuclear weapons. The Meteor Mk.12 version was fitted with a US-manufactured APS-21 radar known... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 22/12/2019 £17.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72414
1:72 Dassault Mirage F.1 Duo Pack & Book The Viggen Duo Pack & Book model concept proved to be a real success with the modellers so Special Hobby decide to follow this track and offer the customers another model from this new range which should always contain two complete kits, a publication crammed with unique photos and a few more bonuses as well. The Mirage F.1 Duo Pack contains H.M.H.Publications‘ exquisite book, one single se... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 22/12/2019 £62.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH48201
1:48 Focke-Angelis Fa-223 Drache captured version. The first helicopter in the history of aviation to reach production status and also the first one to fly across the English Channel. This is, however, just a brief list of all firsts attained by the Drache. Its production had been planned to give 400 machines, but in the end and mainly because of Allied air raids, just about 20 of these remarkable machines emerged from the produ... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 21/12/2019 £35.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72410
1:72 SNCASO SO.4050 Vautour IIN Israeli Air Force/IAF all weather fighter The Vautour IIN was a French twin engine, jet all-weather fighter aeroplane which saw service also with the Israeli Air Force. The 1/72 scale model kit comes on four grey styrene sprues joined by a single clear parts sprue, a bunch of resin parts and photo etches. Highly accurate and detailed model Three differing colour options showing the type throu... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 21/12/2019 £26.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72345
1:72 Dassault SMB-2 Super Mystere 'Sa’ar-Israeli Storm in the Sky' Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 04/12/2019 £17.99 - In Stock
Special Hobby SH72402
1:72 Tp 89 / CASA C.212 'ASW & Maritime Patrol' The CASA C.212 is a Spanish turboprop-powered STOL cargo aircraft that has seen service with a wide range of countries and flew in many different roles, one of them being maritime surveillance and patrol. Machines fitted for this sort of tasks carry radar antennae in distinctive, duck beak like shaped radomes at the front of the fuselage as well as some more electronics equipment with... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 04/12/2019 £22.50 Out of Stock
Special Hobby SH72412
1:72 SNCASO SO.4050 Vautour IIN 'Armée de l' Air All Weather Fighter' Model of the French all weather, twin jet engine fighter aeroplane. Offers four styrene runners accompanied by a clear one plus a set of resin parts and a sheet of photo etches. Finely detailed and accurate model Four French Air Force machines in natural metal finish with colourful trim Accurate decals with set of stencils Detail resin fuel tanks aslo separ... Aircraft kits (injection) New Arrivals 31/10/2019 £26.99 - In Stock