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Airdoc AIRM4811

  • AIRM4811
  • AIRM4811
Description: Junkers Ju-88A Part 3. (15) L1+ER 7/LG1 France 1940; L1+BB Stab 1/LG1; L1+MN 5/LG1 both Yugoslavia 1940/41; L1+KP 6/LG 1 Italy 1942; L1+JL 3/LG1; L1+DK 2/LG1 Both North Africa 1942; Q1+JC NAG 1 Rumania 1944; CT+ZY/24 Denmark; 9K+AL 3/KG51 France 1940; 9K+HP 6/KG51; 9K+DS 6/KG51 Edelweissgeschwader Russia; B3+PM 4/KG52 Sardinia 1942; B3+BB Stab 1/KG54 Italy; B3+HP 6/KG54 Sardinia; B3+LR 7/KG54 Italy; B3+MH 1/KG54 Switzerland `Totenkopfgeschwader'
Manufacturer: Airdoc
Code Number: AIRM4811
Scale: 1:48
Item type: Aircraft decals (military)
Price: £17.20
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