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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2031

Douglas XB-42 Mix-Master. In 1943, the Douglas began a company funded study to a high speed bomber design which was not liked the traditional wing mounting engines. It was an unusual idea to install the two engines within the fuselage driving a pair of propellers mounted at the tail. That can leaving the wing and fuselage clean and free of aerodynamics-reducing protrusions. Douglas submitted an unsolicited proposal to U.S.A.A.F., and was awarded a contract for two prototypes. The first prototype first flew on May, 1944. Performance was excellent as described in the original proposal. The second prototype joined the flight test program on August, 1944, and was destroyed in crash on December 1945. By the end of war and the jet-powered bomber soon be fo
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Anigrand Craftswork
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