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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2046

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Convair XB-46. In 1944, with the success of the German jet bomber Ar-234, U.S. war department was aware of aviation advance in the enemy. So a requirement for a new design of the jet bomber which tactical radius could cover 1000-miles was issued. Convair (Consolidated Vultee Aircraft) submitted the Model 109 mockup. It was approved and awarded contract for three prototypes which designated XB-46. Other designs in the competition included the North-American XB-45, the Boeing XB-47 and the Martin XB-48. In fall of 1945, the funds for two XB-46 prototypes was transferred to Convair's other jet attacker project, the XA-44 while the first XB-46 was nearing completion. In August 1946, the B-45 was endorsed to be the immediate production as the threat from
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Anigrand Craftswork
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