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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG2057

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  • ANIG2057
  • ANIG2057
  • ANIG2057
Republic XF-12 Rainbow. In 1943, USAAF confronted with the problem of photographic information which collecting from the Pacific theatre while U.S. did not had close airfield in Pacific to be able to use photo-reconnaissance aircraft. So USAAF issued a request for a new long-range / high altitude reconnaissance airplane. In March 1944, Republic proposed to modify its civil model, RC-2 to install with the photographic equipments. The proposal was accepted and Republic was received order for two prototypes, designated XF-12 Rainbow. The other design which entered the competition was the Hughes XF-11. To take over the temporarily duties, USAAF converted some Boeing B-29A Superfortress with cameras to became F-13. With the end of the war, the designation
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Anigrand Craftswork
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