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Shenyang J-31 Gyrfalcon WAS £77.99.NOW BEING CLEARED!! SAVE MORE THAN 1/3RD!!! . Fifth-generation carrier based fighter. In late 1990s, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force launched the stealth fighters program, Western intelligence applied the codename J-XX. The Shenyang Aircraft Corporation was selected to be the contractor for one of the development. In June 2012, photos and camera video clips about a heavily overwrapped possible J-31 prototype being road-transferred on a highway started to emerge on internet . No any imagery's of the J-31 prototype came out until it made it maiden flight in November 2012. The J-31 is a middle sized fighter using Soviet middle-thrust engines, although it will later be equipped with Chinese-made WS-
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Anigrand Craftswork
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