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Anigrand Craftswork ANIG5007

  • ANIG5007
  • ANIG5007
  • ANIG5007
  • ANIG5007
Lifting bodies set. In 1957, NASA had investigated the problems associated with re-entry from space of missile nose cone. Engineers conceived the lifting body idea that by modifying a cone shape, aerodynamic lift could be produced to fly back from space rather than plunge to the earth. This study led to the design known as the M-2, a 'M'odified half-cone, rounded on bottom and flat on top, with twin tail-fins. This configuration allowed lifting body to be landing on a runway rather than parachuting into the ocean. In 1962, NASA built the first lifting prototype, the unpowered M2-F1. With the success of M2-F1 program, NASA signed contract to Northrop to build the rocket engined M2-F2 and HL-10. In 1963, USAF joined the program. Martin was contracted t
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Anigrand Craftswork
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