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AOA Decals AOA48009

  • AOA48009
  • AOA48009
  • AOA48009
  • AOA48009
Description: Battle Scooters (2) - USN/USMC Douglas A-4C, A-4E, & A-4F Skyhawks in the Vietnam War. This Part 2 decal sheet focuses on four A-4 Skyhawk squadrons in the Vietnam War. Typical for most of AOA's coverage of Vietnam USN/USMC aircraft, this sheet also provides the modeler with the choice of time periods for a specific squadron; and in the case of the A-4, also a choice of aircraft with and without the later avionics hump if appropriate. An exception is VMA-214, who only operated the A-4C in Vietnam.

VMA-214 is only represented with decals for their markings used during the latter part of their Vietnam deployment - initially their aircraft at Chu Lai did not have the unique squadron markings on the fuselage or rudder/tail apart from the WE tail codes
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Manufacturer: AOA Decals
Code Number: AOA48009
Scale: 1:48
Item type: Aircraft decals (military)
Price: £19.99
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