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Breguet Br.693A-2 WAS £19.99. NOW BEING CLEARED!! SAVE 1/3RD!!! On May 12, 1940 the advancing Wehrmacht forces were attacked by brand new ground attack Breguet Br. 693A.2 aircraft from GBA I/54 and II/54. The first attack on enemy with heavy anti aircraft defense caused heavy losses on the French side. Also GBA I/51 and II/51 units participated in May fights. French attack aviators were eager and brave since they attacked enemy merely in self-sacrifice attempts and learned the ground attack tactics on the run. The attackers Breguet Br. 693A.2s proved worthy in fights but the effort to stop Germans advancing to the inland France was paid by high losses. When the Armistice was signed Breguets Br. 693A.2 together with Br.695 served in Vichy Air Fo
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