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Bronco Models CB35218

  • CB35218
  • CB35218
  • CB35218
  • CB35218
  • CB35218
British Recce and signals light truck (2 kits) with 5 crew
The British army were the first to take the American 4x4 Jeep into battle in North Africa in 1941, They found it far superior to the light trucks previously used and it soon came to the attention of British airborne forces. Its power, light weight and small size made it ideal for a variety of roles, and it could be easily fitted into a medium sized glider. For the airborne role, all equipment not deemed essential was removed to lighten the vehicle as much as possible.
For the Reconnaissance role the Jeep was armed with the .303 Vickers K machine gun, this was previously used on bi-plane fighters of the 1930's and could fire 1,200 rounds per minute. This was double the firepower of a normal
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Bronco Models
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Military vehicle kits (injection)
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