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CMK/Czech Master Kits CMKRA058

  • CMKRA058
  • CMKRA058
  • CMKRA058
German WWI 25cm schwerer Minenwerfer / Heavy Mortar" All Resin kit . German heavy trench mortar of the Imperial German Army. It was designed before WWI by Rheinmetall and was in service until the end of the war. The mortar was transported using an attached pair of wheels and before fire, it was placed in a pit or trench protecting the mortar and its crew. Later in the war, a new model with a longer barrel was also developed and known as the n/A (neuer Art). The earlier short-barreled version was then redesignated as the a/A (or alter Art). These mortars were used during the siege of fortress Maubeuge in France or Liege and Namur in Belgium.

The 25cm schwerer Minenwerfer was much more effective in destroying enemy trenches and barbed wire obstacles
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CMK/Czech Master Kits
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