" for the black portion of the rear exhaust grills. If you look hard enough there is even two very slight variations of Red Roos... Have fun!" />

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Echelon FD D356041

Australian M1A1 AIM Abrams When Aussie AIMs were first revealed to the world, it wasn't easy to obtain all the necessary data to produce a respectable set of markings for this version of the venerable Abrams. So we had to sit on the idea until more data (in terms of images) could be made available. Well, all that waiting has paid off. Instead of just two specific full-vehicle markings that we could only come up with initially, now modellers are treated to a full array of generics covering 2 font types for vehicle names and 2 for battleboard numbers. To add even greater authenticity to your models, we've even tried to cover all sorts of digit styles to make up that illusive mish-mash set of vehicle registration numbers that the Aussie AIMs are famous
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Echelon FD
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Aircraft paint masks (self adhesive)
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