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DK Decals DKD72041

  • DKD72041
  • DKD72041
345th BG North-American B-25 Mitchells over the Pacific.
1. B-25D-10 Mitchell, 41-30315, 498th BS, New Guinea 1944
2. B-25D-10 Mitchell, 41-30176, 498th BS, New Guinea 1943
3. B-25J-22 Mitchell, 44-29577, 498th BS, the Philippines 1945
4. B-25H-1 Mitchell, 43-4345, 498th BS, New Guinea 1944
5. B-25C Mitchell, 41-12971, 499th BS, New Guinea 1943
6. B-25D-10 Mitchell, 41-30276, 499th BS, the Philippines 1945
7. B-25G-1 Mitchell, 42-64809, 499th BS, New Guinea 1944
8. B-25J-11 Mitchell, 43-36198, 499th BS, the Philippines 1945
9. B-25D-5 Mitchell, 41-30054, 500th BS, New Guinea 1943
10. B-25D-5 Mitchell, 41-30051, 500th BS, New Guinea 1944
11. B-25D-5 Mitchell, 41-30079, 500th BS, New Guinea 1943
12. B-25J-22 Mitchell, 44-29588, 500th BS,
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