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Eduard EDK11150

Mil Mi-24D HIND D (Oct 2021 release) (discontinued Oct 2021) Limited edition kit of Soviet attack helicopter Mil Mi-24D in 1/48 scale. Focused on machines used by Czechoslovakm Czech and Slovak Air Force. - plastic parts: Zvezda - marking options: 10 - decals: Eduard - PE parts: yes, pre-painted - painting ma. The plastic parts are originally intended for the Mi-24V version, but this kit includes a set of conversion parts for the Mi-24D version made by direct 3D printing. The kit also includes Falanga missiles which are a product of the new Eduard 3D printing workshop. The kit includes a publication focusing on the Mi-24D version in the Czechoslovak and Czech Air Force in Czech language. This is a reduced and revised version of a larger publication w
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