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Description: This product is second hand
NEARLY GOOD AS NEW!!! Stampe & Vertongen S.V.4b Belgium
Decals for three planes
V33 orange and dayglo red, with Training School crest (penguin) on fuselage
V18 of the Manchots Aerobatic Team, aircraft in black and white, red and white arrows on top of upper wing, big Penguin on rudder
V23 all silver with yellow fuselage and wings stripes
The Stampe et Vertongen S.V.4 is probably one of the Belgian aeronautical industry‘s most outstanding successes. Jean Stampe’s aim was to design a training plane with very good aerobatic capabilities, which as the S.V.4’s career proves, is something that he did very well.

The Stampe S.V.4b (“b" for bis or second version) was registered as OO-ATC. It won competitions held by the Bel
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Aircraft kits (injection)
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