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Gold Medal Models GM35052

USS Indianapolis. This set is intended to fit the Academy 1/350 scale kit of the U.S. Navy WWII heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis and her sistership Portland in 1944 or 1945 rigs. With minor adjustments, it can also be used on the Trumpeter kits of the same ships in the same scale. Contains custom-fitted railing for the main decks plus ample railing in several styles for all remaining decks and platforms; inclined and vertical ladders; SK, SG, Mk.3, Mk.8, & Mk.12 radars; TDY & TDY-1 ECM antennas; funnel cap grilles and detailed catwalks for both funnels; details for 40mm Bofors guns; pre-shaped ready ammunition racks for all 40mm Bofors gun tubs; armor shields and other details for single and dual 20mm Oerlikon cannon; rails for 5" 25 cal. gun mounts; s
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Gold Medal Models
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Ship detailing sets (etched)
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