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Hataka HTK-AS12

Israeli Air Force/IAF paint set (1970's desert colours) 6 acrylic paints for airbrushing. The set contains standard colours used by Israeli Air Force from July 1967 till late 1970s in so called "1970's desert scheme". The four-colour camouflage covered by the set was introduced after the Six-Day War, when the long used brown and blue over grey scheme of IAF aircraft was regarded as not appropriate for operations over Sinai, and dominated until introduction of the new generation of IAF’s aircraft in late 1970s / early 1980s. The set also includes FS34258 Green (used on IAF’s A-4H/N Skyhawks instead of standard Pale Green, which was used on other aircraft) and Aluminium paint for imitation of an overall natural metal finish of IAF’s Mirage IIIs i
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Paint, Acrylic 17ml
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