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Hataka HTK-AS69

WWII Imperial Japanese Army AFV paint set. 8 acrylic paints for airbrushing. The Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) until 1942 (according to most sources) used a colorful camouflage consisting of IJA Khaki (base colour) with disruptive shapes of IJA Tea Brown (to some extent also used as a base colour), IJA Olive Green and IJA Earth Brown. Many vehicles also wore a yellow disruptive stripe (usually claimed to be a bright yellow, but recently sources suggest that this was more pale IJA Parched Grass - both included in the set), sometimes with black outline. Starting in 1942, the IJA transitioned to a simpler and more standardized set of colors - a new base khaki color (IJA Parched Grass) with disruptive shapes of IJA Grass Green (mostly used on South Pacifi
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Paint, Acrylic 17ml
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