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Mark 1 Guide MKD48013

  • MKD48013
  • MKD48013
Fairey Swordfish Colour and Markings with decals (13) K6009/912 822 NAS HMS Furious 1938; L7672/A4F 820 NAS HMS Ark Royal 1939; L9720/4A 820 NAS HMS Ark Royal 1941; P4084/Y8L 765 NAS RNAS Lee-on-Solent 1940 on floats; V4448/B 833 NAS Op Torch Gibraltar 1942 in US markings; HS645/B 824 NAS HMS Striker 1944; NF243/S 816 NAS RNAS St Merryn 1944; NE951/S1 S Flt 860(Dutch) NAS MAC-Ship MV Gadila 1944; LS225/B4 836 NAS MAC-Ship Empire MacAlpine 1943; NF343 NH-Q 119 Sqn RAF Bircham Newton 1945; NR944 RCN RCAF Shearwater Nova Scotia 1946; NF399 912/AO Stn Flt RNAS Arbroath 1948; LS454 733 NAS Brit East Indies Fleet, RNAS Trincomalee 1946.
1) Fleet Air Arm - Mk.I
2) Fleet Air Arm - Mk.I
3) Fleet Air Arm - Mk.I
4) Fleet Air Arm - Mk.I floatplane
5) Fleet
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Mark 1 Guide
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