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Mark I Models MKM14433

  • MKM14433
  • MKM14433
Mikoyan MiG-19S Farmer C (Czechoslovakia)
The MiG-19 was the first Soviet supersonic fighter developed in the early 1950s. Its definitive clear-weather variant, the MiG-19S, meant a true leap forward in comparison to any other jet fighter of the time. It was a single-seat, all-metal monoplane powered by two Mikulin RD-9B turbojets and designed for interception, close air support and limited fighter-bomber roles.
The MiG-19S's were supplied only to three WarPac countries, Bulgaria, East Germany and Czechoslovakia, with the latter country also building this type under licence as the S-105 (the 'S' stood for fighter). A total of 104 machines were built by the Aero Vodochody plant in the period 1957-61, while another 13 machines for the Czechoslovak A
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